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Tuesday Bolts – 2.28.12

Tuesday Bolts – 2.28.12

Darnell Mayberry on Westbrook and Durant being BFFs: “The chemistry and camaraderie between Westbrook and Durant throughout All-Star Weekend was unmistakable, whether on the court or off it. It seems it will only improve at this point and help propel the Thunder in the second half of the season. Then again, things never have been toxic between the two, as some national pundits have portrayed their relationship. Still, that negativity no doubt has built a stronger bond.”

Four out of five in ESPN.com’s 5-on-5 took LeBron over KD for MVP, but Ethan Sherwood Strauss likes Durant: “MVP is about story just as much as it’s about performance, and a new story is better than an old one retold. KD might win because he’s new, but might deserve it on account of a new game. If you think he still depends on others for shots, take note: Only 45 percent of his buckets have been assisted this year. Last season, he was at 62 percent.”

Scott Brooks and Lil Wayne. Yep. Seriously.

Russell Westbrook… particle accelerator?

Berry Tramel on the four elite teams: “It will take upsets to knock out these teams before the conference finals. The Spurs are more likely to coast the rest of the regular season than they are to endure another playoff disaster, as they did a year ago against Memphis. The Heat and the Thunder are just too good, and the Bulls have been this good despite back trouble from Derrick Rose.”

Rick Barnes talks about KD with Scott Van Pelt.

Everybody’s talking Finals preview about OKC and Miami. Brian Mahoney of the AP: “The Thunder were built more gradually, winning just 23 games three seasons ago. They reached the West finals last year and seem poised to go further now. “We worked our way to the top,” Westbrook said. “So it’s not a bad thing to be on top and be where we want to be at at this halfway point.” And come June, Heat and Thunder could in the NBA’s forecast.”

AT&T now has an antenna inside The Peake.

Darnell Mayberry: “An increasing number of Thunder fans are clamoring for an All-Star gala in Oklahoma City. But Oklahoma City is not ready for All-Star Weekend. And it has nothing to do with the lack of hotel rooms in the city, as NBA commissioner David Stern has repeatedly stated. This is a weekend that is extremely, hmmm, how shall I put this, urban. Some would call it “hood.” There is a lot of extracurricular centered on All-Star Weekend. It’s not just about the game and the exposure the city gets. Thousands of people descend upon the host city each year, many of them unlike the majority of the 18,203 that fill the Peake every night. When you sign up for All-Star Weekend, you sign up for blaring music emitting from souped-up cars until 4 a.m., you sign up for half-naked women strolling the streets, you sign up for marijuana smoke polluting the air and, sometimes, you sign up for violence. Don’t misunderstand me. Those are not stereotypes about any particular demographic. Those are facts. And Oklahoma City, as a community, appears a long ways away from wanting to roll out the red carpet to welcome that reality.”