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Daily Thunder was founded in 2008 by ESPN’s Royce Young — at the time a journalism senior at the University of Oklahoma. The mission was simple: provide Thunder fans with an outlet to follow their favorite team, and also a bar stool to pull up and talk to like-minded folks. From interviews with Sam Presti, to the significance of tattoos on the roster, to long-winded columns about other very important things, Daily Thunder began covering pretty much everything there was to cover about Oklahoma’s first professional sports franchise.

Although Royce has moved on to focus on his full-time position at ESPN, John Napier and Cray Allred are committed to sustaining what has made Daily Thunder special to so many readers. Our talented team of reporters, writers, illustrators, and editors is committed to serving up the kind of thoughtful, entertaining content you can only find at Daily Thunder. Every story. Every game. Every day.

Please contact us with any ideas or questions you have for the site. You can also pitch us your article submissions or advertising requests.


John Napier, Co-Owner, Publisher

Cray Allred, Co-Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Brandon Rahbar, Beat Reporter

Ryan Woods, Podcast Host

Illustrations: Robert Roy, Mateo Gallardo

Graphic Design: Natasha Panchal

Founder: Royce Young