Commenting Guidelines

We have a three-strike process for commenting-rules violators. A third strike results in permanent banning from the comments. The moderators have a tough job, and will consult the site owners in the case of permanent banning, which can also be triggered by an excessive enough violation to merit skipping strikes one or two.

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The rules:

1. No hateful speech.

Language that chastises a human being on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. is not allowed (including jokes in poor taste). When directed at a writer or guest of Daily Thunder, there will be even less benefit of the doubt given for your intent.

2. No spam.

3. Don’t request or supply paid-content. We link to and excerpt paywalled content to support quality writing, and encourage you to subscribe to those outlets if you find the content worthwhile.

4. No explicit media.

5. Don’t be a jerk. This one is more subjective, but if you are upsetting someone directly, you could be put in timeout. Especially if the subject matter is off-topic.

Please note that some comments may be flagged automatically as toxic/spam/sensitive/etc. If your comment was not in violation of our rules it is most likely in the moderators’ queue for approval or rejection. We will be in less of a hurry to release your comment(s) if you’re being a jerk about not seeing them, of course.