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Postseason Bolts: Up One

The latest news and notes from OKC and around the league.
Postseason Bolts: Up One

The Thunder beat the Pelicans in Game 1. Barely. The general national consensus is that a combination of nerves and lack of size led to some of the uncharacteristically poor offense and characteristically poor rebounding that marked their too-close-for-comfort squeaker against New Orleans. Angst from OKC's fanbase is echoing the concerns the Thunder faithful have had all season: the rotation is too deep, Josh Giddey complicates the on-court dynamics more than he helps them, and the missing frontcourt piece has yet to be acquired or developed enough for primetime.

I'm not here to hector anyone's postseason overreactions. My only suggestion: you may as well wait until the Thunder have lost a home game before you expect the team to divert from its approach.

Ryan Woods and Brandon Rahbar talk Game 1 and 2 on the latest Daily Thunder podcast:

Mark Daigneault is prepared to drive you crazy by not shortening his playoff rotation, per Clemente Almanza (USA Today).

Mark Daigneault believes lengthy playoff rotation could be advantage for Thunder
Mark Daigneault believes lengthy playoffs rotation could be advantage for Thunder.

“There’s advantages to having depth,” Daigneault said. “There’s probably like a subtle pressure to cut it down arbitrarily but they all played well last night. … If we (played) eight guys last night, and we had to pivot to one of the other three or four that didn’t play. Now you’re like dusting them off. They haven’t gotten in a game yet. They haven’t touched the floor yet. They haven’t gotten a taste yet. And now you’re going to them and it’s somewhat reactive.”

Tre Mann, man.

Why former Thunder guard Tre Mann attended OKC’s playoff win vs New Orleans
Former Thunder guard Tre Mann attended OKC’s 94-92 playoff win over New Orleans on Sunday.

Oklahoma City's 2024 draft position is still beholden to the bouncing of ping pong balls, but the pick they owe Utah will convey at #29 after a lost coin flip with Denver.

NBA breaks 6 ties among 15 teams for June draft
The NBA broke six ties among 15 teams Monday to determine the order of selection for the 2024 NBA Draft, which will be held June 26 and 27, and the Hornets won a tiebreaker with the Trail Blazers, tentatively slotting them third and fourth respectively.

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