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The Daily Thunder reader/commenter community has been a notorious feature of the site since its inception. It has its own lore, complete with villains and heroes, shenanigans, friendship, and generosity. When we aren’t discreetly downvoting critical comments on our articles, we celebrate this community. Much like the first long Thunder run, summing up the experience of riding the commenting rollercoaster for over decade comes down to “you had to be there, man.” But here are some snapshots of the members and memories from along the way.

“It’s been a blur of basketball talk, meltdowns, celebrations, recipes, music, gifs and memes . . . LOVE this place. :)” – ThunderChick, DT’s official historian

  • NBA Lockout of 2011 ends. To the tune of Etta James’ “At Last”. I remember Royce sharing it in the wee hours of the morning while hanging out with poster Daniel Hawaii . . . just so thrilled and thankful that we were going to have a season after all.” TC
  • Thunder win the Conference Finals in six over the Spurs, June 2012. “I remember the sheer joy in the comment section in the hours right after. The DT love was flowing . . . hardly anybody was arguing with Justin . . . it was special.” – TC
  • The celebration continued the next morning, with a full slate of bolts praising the team.
  • Poser-Gate. Shortly after the Game 6 win, someone called out the DT posters as “posers”. It set off a huge commenter uproar. Everyone was trying to figure out who was behind the account, insisting they were “real” fans and not posers, etc.
  • Once, a poster who will remain nameless confided in the community that he had been functionally homeless for two weeks. “Posters stepped up with offers of help or a couch to sleep on, as well as encouragement.  (I found out later that another poster–one who was always mischievous–stepped up and helped out big-time behind the scenes…but did not want any public credit.)” – TC
  • Royce takes the ice bucket challenge.
  • The Roycies (commenter awards). “I still cherish my Roycies, and loved getting to see the video of the live event.” – TC   (A scandal involving both a current Daily Thunder owner and moderator has yet to fully die out.)
  • The Daily Thunder League (still active). When it was newer, there were DTL reports and videos. “I just think this was/is kind of special. It’s also where I first got to see Bobby Trackpants. ;)” – TC
  • Thunder draft Steven Adams (and his hair)! Keri’s welcome was fun. :)  “Funny to read back, from when we had no idea what a gem he was going to be.” – TC
  • DailyTwolves (archived). This was a spin-off DT site for a reader faction trading their team allegiance.
  • Mister Presti’s Neighborhood (archived). The community-led DT podcast, hosted by the Daily Thunder beat writer of the future.
  • DT gets new parents. A new era for sure. “Would Royce have been so willing to sell if he’d known how FUN this team was going to be?!” – TC


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