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Wednesday Bolts – 3.9.11

Wednesday Bolts – 3.9.11

ESPN.com’s award watch: “Last season, at the age of 21, he became the youngest player to win the scoring title. He’s on pace to win the scoring title again for the Thunder, who are fourth in the West.”

John Rohde writes that KD cried tears of joy after the playoffs:Kevin Durant said the last time he cried was after the Game 6 loss to  the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the playoffs last season,  but explained it happened because he was in a reflective mood. ‘It was  kind of like tears of joy,’ Durant said. ‘It was tough to see a good  season like that end.’ Many in the league agree Erik Spoelstra’s misstep  was taking a private locker room moment and making it public. ‘I’m a  guy who rarely gets mad over stuff like that,’ Durant said, ‘but as a  player, you like to leave that type of stuff in the locker room.'”

If you could redraft 2008, what would it look like?

SLAM: “Asked about his perception of Perkins before the trade, Durant says, “I didn’t like him, I didn’t like him of course. He’s a guy—cause I didn’t really know him as a person—but on the floor, you see he plays with a lot of passion, he plays for his teammates and he has no hidden agendas and he plays to win. That’s the type of teammate you love. I always said he was a great defensive player and somebody that I would love to have on our team, but I thought that was so farfetched that we wouldn’t be able to get him. But we did and he’s happy he’s here, that’s the best thing. He’s expressed how much he loves being here and he’s a great teammate off the floor, I love being around him already.”

OKC’s chemistry post-trade.

Westbrook is 36 points shy of 4,000. When he gets there he’ll join Oscar Robertson, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Anfernee Hardaway as the only players in NBA history to amass 4,000 points, 1,500 assists and 1,000 rebounds in their first three seasons.

Kevin Love talks about St. Jude’s. Great cause. Think about it.