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Wednesday Bolts: 10.23.19

Wednesday Bolts: 10.23.19

The season starts for the Thunder tonight in Utah.  So, the Bolts today is a mega-round-up of NBA/Thunder season previews:

John’s season predictions. I’m purposefully burying these predictions in the Bolts.

  • Thunder’s final record: 34-48, 5th in the Northwest
  • NBA MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • NBA ROY: Zion Williamson
  • NBA DPOY: Paul George
  • NBA MIP: Caris LaVert
  • NBA Sixth Man: Lou Williams
  • NBA COY: Doc Rivers
  • NBA Finals: Los Angeles Clippers over the Milwaukee Bucks

Something to think about:  With the Thunder’s entire future up in the air, is this the most intriguing season in Thunder history?

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