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Wednesday Bolts: 03.11.20

Wednesday Bolts: 03.11.20

Shea Vassar (Daily Thunder) gets things started with Hamidou Diallo: The Dunk King of OKC. “At just 21 years old, Diallo is only a little over a season and a half into his career. In this time he has played 89 games, attempted 57 dunks and made 87.7% of those attempts. This is coming from a guy who has averaged just 13.8 minutes so far in his career. Sure, I’ve had things in my refrigerator longer than Diallo’s been in the league, but looking at this season alone proves that he is a player that can fight to that finish at the rim, with potential for even more above-the-rim displays.”

Royce Young (ESPN) on Danilo Gallinari and his stance on coronavirus that has his home country, Italy, on a nationwide lockdown.

Garth Johnson (FanSided OKC) on OKC’s three-headed backcourt monster.

Zach Kram (The Ringer) broke down the NBA’s best assist combos of the 2000’s. “Westbrook and Durant played more seasons together than any other pairing in the top 10, and in fact rank second in total assists behind only Parker and Duncan. Their partnership, which began in 2008-09, Westbrook’s rookie season, extends back far enough that it helped inspire some of the best young players now matriculating to the league.”

“Some of the best pairings on this list trafficked in solid fundamental two-man play, beating defenses with timing and footwork and impeccable chemistry. Not Paul-to-Griffin. To be clear, they had all those other traits, too, especially as Griffin matured as an all-around player; in 2013-14 and 2014-15, both Griffin and Paul finished in the top 10 in MVP voting. But more than routine baskets, Paul and Griffin combined for spectacular highlight-reel assists. It’s difficult to do their dynamism justice with words. Just watch the dang clips (or Clips) instead.”

“After being dumped by Houston, it seemed like CP3 might fade into obscurity. Instead, he’s hit a whole new level with Oklahoma City: Clutch Paul.Owen Phillips (The Ringer) goes deep on the season Chris Paul is having.