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Tuesday Bolts: 7.11.17

Tuesday Bolts: 7.11.17

Lee Jenkins had a fantastic interview with Paul George: “I want a shot to win it. I’m not a stats guy. I’m playing this game to win and build a legacy of winning. I’ve yet to do that. I’m searching for it. If we get a killer season in Oklahoma, we make the conference finals or upset the Warriors or do something crazy, I’d be dumb to want to leave that.”

Paul George called KD for advice on what to expect in OKC: ““KD was like, ‘That place will blow you away,’” George says. “He told me, ‘They can offer what other teams can’t in terms of the people and the preparation and the facility, down to the chefs and the meals.’ He was pretty high on them. He thought it was a first-class organization in every way.”

Patrick Patterson and Raymond Felton will be introduced today: “Though the Thunder agreed to terms on contracts with both players last week, Patterson on July 4 and Felton on July 7, they didn’t actually sign their deals until they came into Oklahoma City on Monday. Patterson signed a three-year, $16.4 million contract. Felton signed for the minimum on a one-year, $2.3 million one. The Thunder will hold a press conference with both Patterson and Felton on Tuesday at 11 a.m.”

Paul George will be introduced at 6PM tomorrow evening:

Tramel asks if Patrick Patterson is OKC’s biggest free agent signing ever: “Will Patrick Patterson be a more valuable signing than Krstic? Oh my goodness, if he is, the Thunder is in for a fabulous ride, because the day Krstic became a Thunder, the NBA fortunes in our city changed for the good.”

Erik Horne says Nick Collison may want what OKC can’t provide: “Where do the acquisitions leave Nick Collison? As the Thunder gets ready to unveil its latest additions this week, the 36-year-old’s future in OKC remains in doubt. Collison, a 13-year-veteran, wants to play at least one more year, but there’s legitimate possibility it could come outside of Oklahoma City.”

Brett Dawson on Semaj Christon & Dakari Johnson as options for roster spots: “If Christon is waived — and/or if Collison chooses to sign elsewhere — center Dakari Johnson could be a candidate for the final roster spot. A 2015 second-round draft pick, Johnson has played two seasons for the Oklahoma City Blue, the Thunder’s affiliate in the developmental G League, and was a first-team all-league performer in 2016-17.”

Fans are meeting Paul George at the airport today. Details: