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Tuesday Bolts: 03.24.20

Tuesday Bolts: 03.24.20


Logan Meyer (Daily Thunder) with Letters from the Bunker. “The year 2020 has been truly challenging, with political divisiveness, global hostilities, the helicopter crash causing the death of Kobe Bryant and nine others, this COVID-19 Pandemic, and now, the widespread suspension or cancelling of nearly all major sports and public events. To be blunt, the first three months of the year have been awful.

But, my friends, all is not lost. Humanity has faced some truly horrific crises in history (wars, plagues, famines, terrorism, etc.), all of which were earth shattering and all-consuming at their time, but folks survived and bounced back better than ever.

Tyler Parker’s (The Ringer) Defining Moments of the NBA Season: When Chris Paul Tattled on Jordan Bell’s Untucked Jersey. “Looking back at the time in 2019-20 when CP3 swung an entire game by playing by the rules.”

Ethan Strauss (The Athletic) goes deep on the upcoming NBA Draft class with Evan Zamir. “With so much else canceled, at least we still have the 2020 NBA Draft to look forward to (I think). One of the very few upsides of everything grinding to a halt is that it’s easier to do a deep dive on one of the more complicated drafts in recent memory. This time, I’m enlisting the analytically minded Evan Zamir of Top Lines for help. Zamir has always offered sharp analysis, illustrated by being quite early on Draymond Green’s transformation into a big-time NBA player. Since he often offers a fresh perspective, based on hard data, I wanted Zamir’s take on a draft that has the league’s collective head spinning.”

Where my District 11’s at?