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Revisiting the Weekly Weather Report Predictions

Revisiting the Weekly Weather Report Predictions

2019-20, we hardly knew ye. Whatever is left of the regular and/or post season for the NBA will likely be abbreviated and certainly incongruent with the typical campaign for which we built our predictions at Daily Thunder. While still holding out hope for resumed NBA activity (precluded, of course, by our nation curbing the COVID-19 pandemic), our fortune telling for the season that was is fair game to revisit during the league’s suspension. Behold our wrongness.

First up, The Tipoff‘s Weekly Weather Reports. This dynamic duo provide NBA fans predictions for the league’s daily lines, but diverged to give Thunder fans faux betting advice on some more off-the-wall items in their weekly Daily Thunder videos. While their catch phrase is true–“one of us is always right”–it is truer for one of them. It turns out that Gabriel Allen’s studied approach (and ability to pick first) often paid off for those who listened to him instead of his father, Bill.

Barring several Thunder snubs this award season, Gabe has it in the bag.


He’s up 14-7. Thanks to ThunderChick for tabulating and formatting the mostly-final results, which you can view here.