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Thursday Bolts – D-Day Edition

Thursday Bolts – D-Day Edition

Adrian Wojnarowski says this: “No deal with Pacers, but Oklahoma City has been “relentless” trying to get into top 10. Why? Butler’s Gordon Hayward, league source says.” Gordon Hayward? I don’t get it. I like Hayward a lot, but for OKC? Doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. DX on the other hand, hears OKC is after Cole Aldrich.

Kevin Pelton analyzes last night’s trade: “If this was something of a gamble for the Heat, it was a no-brainer from Oklahoma City’s perspective. Sam Presti has maximized the Thunder’s cap space all year long. He ended up turning it into a pair of first-round picks, first Eric Maynor and now the No. 18 selection. The next step is important for Oklahoma City, since adding three rookies to a roster that’s already loaded with young talent doesn’t seem to make sense. Ideally, the Thunder will use two of the three picks to move up, and drafting a player to stash them overseas or dealing for future picks are also in play. In addition to the pick, Cook is hardly a typical contract dump. His salary for next season ($2.2 million, per Sham Sports) is perfectly reasonable, and Cook brings to Oklahoma City a skill (perimeter shooting) that is still in relatively short supply there. The Thunder has a chance to look at Cook next season and see if he can return to usefulness as a reserve; if not, Oklahoma City can cut bait at the end of the year with no further obligation.”

FanHouse’s updated mock.

Matt Moore for FanHouse looks at Latavious Williams: “Williams’ is no super-youngster, though. He’s 21 years old. But he also presents an opportunity to draft a player who has proven he’s coachable, who committed himself to improving his game, and who has already played among NBA-caliber players. Williams has been a terrific example of what the D-League can do for a young player. We’ll find out Thursday if he can translate that work to a draft spot. Keep an eye on teams that have strong D-League ties who might recognize his worth. Oklahoma City is the obvious answer, as he’s worked in their system and with their coaches. But other teams such as the Spurs, Rockets, Jazz, and Warriors may spot him late and decide to take a chance before anyone else can grab him.”

The Thunderground radio guys have a podcast up breaking down last night’s trade and also looking ahead to tonight.

ESPN will use former Blazers assistant GM Tom Penn as a cap specialist tonight.

The Thunder are ready to deal: “It’s a trade that gives the Thunder three first-round picks and adds to Presti’s growing reputation for essentially swindling assets from opposing GMs. More importantly, the deal sets the stage for Oklahoma City to be at the center of what is shaping up to be a wild night of dealing during tonight’s draft.”

Darnell Mayberry’s updated mock.

Not Thunder related but this is my favorite bar celebration video from yesterday’s incredible World Cup win.

I’m trying to sort out some details on tonight’s draft party, but just know it’s at 6 PM at Toby Keith’s downtown. The Thunder will have a big presence there with Thunder Girls and Rumble and all that stuff. I don’t know if we’ll get a specific area for DT readers or how we’ll coordinate a giveaway, but the point is to go and hang out with fellow Thunder fans.