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Rounding up the rumors (Updated)

Here’s an early afternoon recap of the trade rumors circling about involving Oklahoma City. I’ll update this throughout the day when more surface. Also, if you’re not going to Toby Keith’s, follow along with me as I do another

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live draft diary of tonight’s events. It will be life-changing.

1:35 PM CST

  • Ford also said teams are “smoke-screening” with Orton. It’s looking more likely like he’ll definitely be around at 21 and there’s a strong possibly he’ll be there at 26. But it’s unlikely Orton will slip to the second round.
  • Doug Gottlieb said today on air, that the Thunder possibly might be drafting someone for the Clippers for a future trade, hence the chatter about Gordon Hayward. So whoever OKC takes at 10 or 11 (assuming they get there), if you go, “Huh?” keep in mind the Thunder might be moving him shortly.