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Thursday Bolts – 8.19.10

Thursday Bolts – 8.19.10

Denver Stiffs breaks down NBA Jam rosters: “Durant and Westbrook have some high expectations this season and they should pay close attention to what happened in Portland. Injuries helped derail the Blazers and I hope that doesn’t happen for Oklahoma City, but this Thunder team is started to get a little overrated and it’s not even September. Green is part of those trios that take a team from a good one to a great one, but along the way sometimes three is a crowd and the spotlight starts to fade. Have we seen the best of Green or can he bounce back and keep up his game with his famous teammates?”

NBA Playbook looks at what makes a good rebounding point guard.

Stephen Curry sprained his ankle yesterday and is day-to-day, meaning Russell Westbrook might have a much better chance at the Team USA roster.

This picture popped up in my inbox last night – let’s all welcome new Thunder fan Adelyn to the world (awwwwwwwwww):

BDL ranks the top 30 shooting guards with Thabo coming in 29: “Thabo is often a liability on the offensive end, as the end result of many Thunder possessions usually sees a wide-open Sefolosha clanging an open corner three-pointer while the defense loads up on all of his teammates. No matter, because of all the clangs Thabo causes on the other end. The long-armed Sefolosha might just be the best wing defender in the league, and only reputation and my possible (OK, definite) stubbornness stops him from being ranked higher.”

Harden’s also on the list at 22: “I full submit that this might be a stretch, but with so many Thunder playing completely healthy ball last season, and Kevin Durant playing in the World Championships this summer, the odds are that someone is going to tweak something and be out for seven games, and that someone else is going to do the same and be out for 12. Enter Harden, who works a good all-around game off the bench.”

A quick update on alternate jerseys because I know that’s been a hot topic lately. I spoke with a couple Thunder people that know about these things, and they said an alternate jersey isn’t really coming any time in the immediate future. The league kind of oversees a team’s brand and when the NBA feels like an organization is ready to branch off and start developing secondary logos and uniforms, they’ll let them know. So as of right now, the word I got was a “a couple years.”