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Usain Bolt looks up to Kevin Durant as a role model

Usain Bolt looks up to Kevin Durant as a role model

I’m a sucker for any story that illustrates how Kevin Durant’s profile has raised, but not just among basketball fans, but around the world. We all know how likable, humble and down to earth he is. And now other people, high profile people, are taking notice.

Gold medalist and athletic freak of nature Usain Bolt to the London Globe and Mail:

When I was younger (my role models) were Michael Johnson and Don Quarrie. Johnson was pretty much the best runner in the world, particularly at the 200m – my favourite event – and Quarrie was one of the best Jamaican sprinters in history, so I just wanted to be like them. I still have people I look up to even now. At the moment it’s Kevin Durant, the basketball player (he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder). Kevin is a good leader; he’s very strong and very determined. Whatever he does, whether he’s tired or injured, he works through it, pushes on and challenges his team-mates to do their best.

You know you’re making a pretty huge impact when other athletes that are known for being the best at their craft take notice and look up to you, even though you don’t compete in that same sport.

This is just extremely high praise for KD from someone that you wouldn’t think would give it. Someone in the NBA, yeah, sure. But Usain Bolt, the guy that blasted sprinting records in Beijing and is a world-class athlete? That’s something worth mentioning.

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