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Thursday Bolts: 6.22.17

Thursday Bolts: 6.22.17

Happy Draft Day, folks. Let’s get it.

The Thunder and Knicks reportedly spoke about a Kristaps Porzingis deal: Sources also told ESPN that New York engaged the Oklahoma City Thunder in talks for Porzingis, but as one source said of the Knicks, ‘They don’t have enough.’”

SI has OKC taking Michigan’s DJ Wilson in their final mock draft: “Wilson is a combo forward who can guard multiple positions, projects as an excellent pick-and-roll defender, and shoots the three fairly well. The second half of the first round is full of centers and forwards who don’t totally fit with where the NBA is going, but Wilson is one of the exceptions. He’s a 6’10” forward who’s twice as valuable given the direction of the league, and he’d be a nice option for an OKC team that’s been searching for credible wings for years.”

Sam Vecenie has the Thunder selecting OG Anunoby out of Indiana: “The Thunder have an M.O. for betting on kids that are long, athletic, and known to have high character. Anunoby checks all of those boxes. If he hits, he’s going to be one of the most versatile, athletic defenders in the NBA at some point. The key is finding a way to get something out of him offensively, which is going to be on the developmental staff of whatever team drafts him.”

Erik Horne on how rebuilding around Russell Westbrook continues tonight: “It’s time to shake the Magic 8 ball again. A good question to ask: “Will Westbrook agree to re-sign with the Thunder July 1?” If that could be answered, the draft would have more clarity. Regardless of the uncertainty, the Thunder is confident in its draft record outside of the lottery.”

A list of the Thunder’s every reported pre-draft workout: The Thunder play this stuff close to the chest, but we put together everything that’s been reported.

Jenni Carlson on the Thunder’s Enes Kanter problem: “But despite Presti’s creativity, one detail seems nearly certain should a deal be in the works involving the Thunder — these could be the final hours of Enes Kanter’s time with the Thunder. For the Thunder’s betterment, he needs to go. For the sake of our city and our state, I wish he could stay forever.”

Sam Presti was named best draft night decision-maker by Bleacher Report: “Quite frankly, no one comes close to producing a resume this stellar. Drafting NBA players isn’t exactly a science; it’s more of a crapshoot, which makes maintaining a positive score for an entire decade all the more impressive.”

The salary cap is the gift that keeps on giving: “According to a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, NBA teams have been informed the cap will be at $99 million, down from the projected number of $102 million. Although the number isn’t far off on paper, the $3 million gap could be the difference between a team offering a star a max contract and missing on one by coming up short on dough. Teams carefully study the projected cap and plan well in advance. With a lower-than-expected number, it could drastically alter the free-agency approach of some teams or how they choose to spend their money with players currently on the roster.”

Fred Katz on how the changing salary cap affects OKC: “The most recent projections heading into Wednesday had both numbers slightly higher. The salary cap projected to come in at $101 million with the tax line at $121 million. The Oklahoma City Thunder currently have about $110 million of salary for 2017-18, and that doesn’t include forward Jerami Grant’s $1.5 million team option, about which OKC has yet to make an official decision. The deadline for the Thunder to pick up his option is June 24.”

Russell Westbrook is nominated for four ESPYs: Best Male Athlete, Best NBA Player, Best Record-Breaking Performance and Best Play.