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Thursday Bolts: 12.03.20

Thursday Bolts: 12.03.20

As you’ll see on our constantly updating “Who’s on the Thunder?” page, OKC is still doing a lot of transactional business even as training camp is underway. The mega Al Horford deal is still on tap, and the resulting roster count for Oklahoma City is up in the air. It looks like there are currently 15 guaranteed slots being filled by 18 names, one of which could theoretically belong to the two-way spot reopened by Josh Gray’s release


. It doesn’t help that the reporting/announcing of new signings have had scant information on whether they are for guaranteed, two-way, or exhibit-10 (training camp) contracts. I was more sad about losing Josh Gray’s ~Definitely a Two-Way~ slot on our roster sheet than missing out on watching him get a shot with the Blue.

Oh yeah, and a minor detail: A former Thunder dynamo is heading to the East, which could shake up the playoff landscape in both conferences.