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Thursday Bolts: 11.21.19

Thursday Bolts: 11.21.19

Loose-lipped Paul has been talking.

Berry Tramel (The Oklahoman) wonders if playing faster would help the Thunder’s offense.

Tramel also notes that the trade market for Chris Paul hasn’t been helped by potential suitors’ opening performances this season.

Luke Adams (HoopsRumors) looks at Chris Paul’s trade candidacy.

Paris Lawson (okcthunder.com) on the Thunder doing good for the holidays: “Long rectangular tables covered the floor of the gym. Each table was set up with center pieces and tablecloths prepared for dinner. Not only was there enough food and seating for all 700 in attendance, there was also enough to take home for later. For many of the families, the meal they received at the Boys & Girls Club would serve as their traditional Thanksgiving meal. With the amount of food, fun and company the evening had in store, it’s no wonder why 700 people eagerly showed up for the party.”

This John Hollinger (The Athletic) piece on eliminating the three-point foul status quo is too reasonable to be true.

Matthew Hallett (FanSided) notes Sedrick Barefield’s strong recent play for the Blue.

Apparently the Thunder never made a Russell Westbrook bobblehead?

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