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Thursday Bolts: 04.30.20

Thursday Bolts: 04.30.20


every comeback from the 2019-20 season!

Part 2! Daily Thunder’s Brandon Rahbar is back with the second installment of Thunder Twitter Roundtable. Check it out here.

Maddie Lee (The Oklahoman) on Lu Dort and the ins and outs of a unexpected rookie season. “The conference room in the Thunder practice facility was full and bustling last summer. As the conversation shifted from how to acquire another pick, to potential undrafted free agents, Presti yielded the floor to his scouts.

When it came time for Brandon Miller to speak, his colleagues already had a good idea of who he was going to lobby for: Luguentz Dort.

“Brandon was as consistent as he had been throughout that he felt like Lu was the right person for us,” Presti told The Oklahoman earlier this year.”

Erik Horne (The Athletic) on what the NBA opening facility doors means for the Thunder in OKC. “On Monday, the NBA announced that starting May 8, it will allow teams to open their practice facilities in cities and states where local government is loosening stay-at-home orders in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The league said it may push the timing back if developments warrant, but is targeting that date as of now with certain restrictions.

“The potential rules change would allow teams to make their practice facilities available for use by the team’s players for workouts or treatment on a voluntary, individual basis if the team’s facility is in a city that is no longer subject to a government restriction,” said the NBA’s release.

What does that mean for the Thunder, who play in one of few states with limited stay-at-home mandates in place?”

Chris Paul appeared in Uninterrupted’s After Party. They discuss the new episodes of The Last Dance among other things.

The Ringer’s Tyler Parker wrote about the moment James Harden and Patrick Bevereley gave us an absolute gem… A Flop in Unison. “As certain as death, when Harden and Beverley are matched up, they’ll get tangled. And of course, of course, of course they would both wind up on the ground, looking for a ref, asking for a call. I’ve never seen two drunk birds try to hug, but yeah. Very strong are-you-going-to-send-him-to-his-room-or-not energy from both of them here.”


stay safe, yall.