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Thunder Journal: Top 10 Thunder Moments of 2023-2024

Thunder Journal: Top 10 Thunder Moments of 2023-2024

Playoff basketball returns to Oklahoma City tomorrow.

But before we look forward to the new era Thunder’s postseason arrival, let’s take a moment to look back and appreciate one of the greatest regular seasons in OKC’s history. Here are my personal favorite OKC Thunder moments this year.

10. Isaiah Joe’s Dunk of the Year nominee


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I don’t care that it came in a loss. I don’t care that the poster victim was Uncle Grandpa Jeff. When your team’s 3 point specialist and smallest dude on the squad detonates like that, it’s a no-brainer for the best-of season review article.

9. JDub's game-winner against the Blazers


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There’s a few reasons why this one cracks the list. First off, Jalen Williams saved OKC from arguably their most embarrassing loss of the season. (And in hindsight, saved OKC from losing the #1 seed). Secondly, it was further proof that the Thunder had a special second scoring option emerging. Third, it showed the Thunder’s #1 scoring option superstar was willing to be a decoy on a game-winning shot for the good of the team.

8. Mark Daigneault wins NBCA’s Coach of the Year

Look, I get that this isn’t the big, official COTY award. And I get that it’s a postseason-announced award and this is a regular season wrap up. But the results were announced before OKC even knows their Round 1 opponent, so I’m counting it. And it’s clear Daigneault is going to win the big, official COTY award, so I’m counting it.

7. The postgame interviews

You can’t write the story of the 2023-2024 Thunder without including the group interviews headed up by JWill/JDub. Yes, the squad scrums are fun and hilarious and meme-y, but this pack of dawgs barking together after every win is also evidence of this young squad’s chemistry, bond and team mentality. And for the “hater culture” who think they’re corny: Chet Holmgren says the team doesn’t care… they’re gonna keep doing them.

6. Shai's game-winner in Denver

This was the moment that I realized that this team may be more than just an ornery, young upstart that could give some heavyweight contenders a run for their money. Maybe this team could be one of those heavyweight contenders.

Side note: How much would the MVP race be swayed if Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s quad injury came earlier in the season and this Nuggets game-winner came late in the season?


SGA WINS IT FOR OKC OVER DENVER. 🔥🤯 #nba #bball #hoops #basketball #thunder #sga

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5. SGA named All-Star starter

SGA being selected to his first All-Star game last year was a tangible breakthrough for this young Oklahoma City squad. The first accolade for Thunder 2.0. But Shai relegating decade-long, auto-starter, super-duper-star Steph Curry to the All-Star bench was proof that OKC’s franchise cornerstone had reached a whole other level of both talent and recognition.


The moment Shai 🇨🇦 was named an #NBAAllStar starter! #NBA #okcthunder #Basketball #shaigilgeousalexander NBA All-Star 2024 is presented by @DoorDash.

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4. Chet Holmgren's turnaround three to take the Warriors to OT

An incredible clutch shot by the rookie on the road against the four-time champs and long-time Thunder nemesis. That shot sparked an OKC overtime win but, more importantly, felt like the turning of a page. The new era Thunder’s 7 foot unicorn taking down the old era Thunder’s greatest enemy became an instant classic highlight, both literally and symbolically.


Chet Holmgren’s 3 point buzzerbeater to force the game into OT vs the Warriors🏀🔥⭐️#nba #nbabuzzerbeater #buzzer#nbahighhighlights #thunder #warriors#stephcurry #chetholmgren #fyp

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3. Thunder kids go full MOM MADE PIZZA ROLLS

There is no better moment to encapsulate the underlying connection between this new OKC team and the OKC of yore than when SGA, Chet and JDub recreated the iconic pizza rolls meme in real time. I’m gonna cheat and sneak in the fact that this moment would’ve never happened if not for another moment I tried to include in my list. Chet hit 3 free throws to once again send a Thunder/Warriors game to OT. Golden State fans may be on their way to one day feeling about Chet the same way Thunder fans have felt about Klay all these years.


Chet Holmgren brought back the nostalgic “mom made pizza rolls” Thunder meme after last night’s huge overtime WIN vs GS! 😂🍕 Who here is old enough to understand the reference? #nba #okc #okcthunder #oklahomacitythunder #oklahomacity #chetholmgren #shaigilgeousalexander #shai #hoops #basketball #foryourpage #fyp #kevindurant #russellwestbrook #jamesharden @Oklahoma City Thunder @OKC Thunder

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2. New OKC arena vote passes

The biggest Thunder win of the season. Easily the most important thing to happen for the fanbase since, well, the team’s arrival is the security that the team doesn’t make a departure for at least the next 25 years.

1. Thunder becomes the youngest #1 seed in NBA history

An arrival, not an appearance. You gotta admit, it turns out that Sam Presti absolutely nailed that line.


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