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The Weekend Edition: Round 1

The Weekend Edition: Round 1

Note from the Editor

Thank you for your support of Daily Thunder. Here's a little fun as we try and stay loose before postseason basketball grips our souls once more tonight.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: What It's Gonna Be Like

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Bonus toons: Be sure to check out Brandon Rahbar's Top-10 moments from the regular season.

Yes, the squad scrums are fun and hilarious and meme-y, but this pack of dawgs barking together after every win is also evidence of this young squad’s chemistry, bond and team mentality. And for the “hater culture” who think they’re corny: Chet Holmgren says the team doesn’t care… they’re gonna keep doing them. - Brandon Rahbar
Thunder Journal: Top 10 Thunder Moments of 2023-2024
Playoff basketball returns to Oklahoma City tomorrow. But before we look forward to the new era Thunder’s postseason arrival, let’s take a moment to look back and appreciate one of the greatest regular seasons in OKC’s history. Here are my personal favorite OKC Thunder moments this year.

By the Numbers: The Countdown


Polling Thunder Nation: Call Your Shot

Sunday Pregame: Wordle