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The 2010 DT live draft diary

The 2010 DT live draft diary

Last year, we were in an entirely different boat. The Thunder’s place was set in stone and really the only question was, Rubio or Harden? Oklahoma City was picking in the top three and all eyes were on us. It was exciting.

This year, it’s different. The draft’s not nearly as exciting in a sense of the Thunder adding a top five impact player, but it’s probably more intriguing because of the options OKC comes in with. Three picks in the first round with only a couple of roster spots? Something’s gotta give here.

6:25 PM CST: Almost time for the fun to begin. The latest rumor coming from Marc Spears of Yahoo! is that Tibor Pleiss is rocketing up boards and OKC might take him at 18. Or OKC might trade that pick. Or OKC might not draft anyone at all and use the picks on a vending machine and a new copier for the coach’s office. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

6:35: This is taking far too long. It’s obvious this is a TV decision, just so that we can all hear from Jay Bilas, Jon Barry and Jeff Van Gundy talk about stuff we already know. I love television run draft events.

6:38: Oh, John Wall.

6:41: I swear I saw Daniel Orton in one of those John Wall highlights. I imagine we’ll see that same highlight when Orton is picked later, because you know, there aren’t many to pick from. Because he didn’t play very much you see.

6:44: Evan Turner goes No. 2. Jay Bilas tells us that Turner is a “basketball player”. That’s good for Philly, because I think they thought he was a quarterback. Looks like they lucked out.

6:49: Remember that one time OKC was picking third last year? Yeah, that was fun. Derrick Favors goes in that spot this time around and does not wear a bow tie.

6:50: And now for the most exciting five minutes in the NBA this season… David Kahn is on the clock!

6:54: Oh, well that’s no fun. Wesley Johnson at four? How can we ridicule and mock that for the rest of the night? The good news is, Kahn has five more picks. Also, Johnson is either wearing pajama pants or something straight from the Payne Stewart collection. In other words, he looks outstanding.

7:01: DeMarcus Cousins to the Kings. Let it be known that the DT mock draft is currently 5 for 5. As are the other 200,000 mocks out there. Except for Mrs. DT’s who had Hollis Price going No. 1 overall. She still can’t believe she was wrong.

7:08: The first semi-shock of the night as local product Epke Udoh goes sixth to the Warriors. As Stuart Scott informs us, his full name is Ekpedeme Friday Udoh. That right there, is a good name. I still don’t understand how it’s pronounced “Ep-pay” and when it’s spelled “Ek-pe”. Sometimes, things just don’t make a ton of sense. Kind of like how Udoh went sixth overall.

7:12: Greg Monroe to the Pistons. Sad face. It was a pipe dream, but man, I was hoping for it.

7:14: JVG cracks a joke about how Greg Monroe actually likes to pass as opposed to Mutombo, Mourning and Ewing. The panel forces out some forced, contrived laughter. At what point did I start watching an NFL pregame show?

7:18: Flip Saunders tells us a Gilbert Arenas and Earl Boykins were his “most effective backcourt last year.” I don’t have to make this joke, but when your most effective backcourt is… ah heck, you finish this one.

7:20: The Clips take Al Farouq-Aminu and James Harden’s glasses. Seriously, what’s the deal with those? At what point did people say, “Yeah, black framed Harry Carey glasses… those would be super cool”? Also, Bilas informs us Aminu only made 24 percent of his jumpers last year. I’m no Jay Bilas, but that’s not good, right?

7:24: And the Jazz take Jimmy Chitwood. Small shocker, but more importantly, that means he’s not there for OKC to try and move up to snag. If you believe the draft insiders, that means Presti would be after Cole Aldrich then if he tries to get into the top 10.

7:31: So evidently the Thunder didn’t get a trade done with the Pacers. I would say the bust level on Paul George is high to very high. Reason? Jay Bilas used the word “potential” 957 times while describing George. And then in his interview with Mark Jones, George himself used it three times. Potential folks. POTENTIAL.

7:37: And there goes Cole Aldrich to NOLA. Comment from my little brother: “He should’ve worn his facemask tonight.” I agree.

7:40: Word on the street is Aldrich is going to OKC. Stay tuned.

7:42: There it is, Ric Bucher just reported it. OKC trades 18 and 21 for Aldrich and Morris Peterson’s dead body/contract.

7:45: A little quick breakdown before more in depth stuff tonight: I wasn’t a huge fan of Aldrich because I thought OKC needed an inside presence that could also score. But Aldrich is a great fit in OKC personality wise as well as a defensive player inside. He definitely will be able to bang with some Western Conference big men, but will he score? Time will tell. The thing I like about the deal is how little OKC had to give up. The 21st and 18th pick plus some salary cap space? I’m fine with that. More analysis coming soonish.

7:47: As Jay Bilas says about Xavier Henry, “He doesn’t drive to the basket,” all we see are highlights of Henry driving to the basket. SYNERGY.

7:50: Interesting from Chad Ford: “Pacers turned down the OKC offer that the Hornets took. Thunder would’ve taken back T.J. Ford. A bit surprised Pacers passed.” Also, DX is saying it’s not 18 and 21, but actually 21 and 26. If you don’t believe in Sam Presti now, then you’re either an idiot or a Portland Trail Blazer fan.

8:00: The Hornets save about $6.6 million on the deal if you’re wondering. It’s nice not being a team in financial distress. Now the question is, who does OKC look to at 18? I have a feeling the Thunder will take an international player a few picks too high just so they can have him. Maybe Tibor Pleiss, maybe Kevin Seraphin. Those guys are more like 20-30 guys, but since OKC isn’t there anymore, they might look at them a little high.

8:05: KAHHHHHHHHN! Luke Babbitt to Minny. Brothers Charlie and Raymond are very excited for him.

8:06: Upon seeing his picture, Mrs. DT on Luke Babbitt: “Babbitt? More like Luke Hobbit.” She’s so, so clever.

8:11: David Stern, before calling Kevin Seraphin’s name: “Listen to this.” Reading that isn’t so funny, but on TV it cracked me up. I think OKC was potentially targeting him at 18 but now will probably look at another international guy. Probably.

8:14: The happiest person about OKC acquiring Cole Aldrich? Nick Collison. Another (white) Jayhawk with a sense of humor. I look forward to Aldrich’s eventual hilarious Twitter account.

8:17: At 18, Oklahoma City drafts Eric Bledsoe. I have to say, I didn’t have him on my radar at all. He was a combo guard that will likely be playing point guard in the league. Now to recap OKC’s backcourt depth chart, Westbrook, Sefolosha, Maynor, Harden, Cook, Peterson, Bledsoe and Weaver. That’s a lot of players.

8:19: Woj reports Bledsoe is going to the Clippers. That makes much more sense. I assume it’s for Blake Griffin. That’s fair, right?

8:26: Reports are that OKC is getting a future first rounder for Bledsoe. And keep in mind, this is the CLIPPERS future first rounder. So that could be very, very good.

8:30: I like how it’s “Oklahoma City is picking for New Orleans.” If that were actually true, I’d totally be taking Tommy Mason-Griffin for them. “Sorry, that’s just who we picked for you.”

8:33: OKC takes Craig Brackins for NOLA. Better you than us, Hornets.

8:35: Kevin Pritchard’s corpse takes Eliot Williams. Written under Williams’ name on the card was “EFF YOU PORTLAND.”

8:41: And my man Trevor Booker goes 23rd, much higher than most anticipated. I liked him all along. I’m going to pretend that I greatly influenced David Kahn on that pick. I don’t know if that helps my reputation though. But of course Kahn probably took him 10 spots too early. Of course.

8:46: Ah, Kahn trades Booker to Washington. I only like making fun of Kahn, so you’re off the hook, Ernie Grunfeld. But let’s see, Kahn trades the 23rd player taken, Trevor Booker and the 56th pick for two second rounders. This only makes sense in David Kahn’s brain.

8:56: Stuart Scott is still acting like Quincy Pondexter is coming to OKC. Kevin Durant is the only one there reporting the correct news that Pondexter isn’t a Thunderman. As uaual, KD is just better than everyone else.

9:00: Jay Bilas: “I don’t think anybody puts it in the basket easier than Jordan Crawford.” Besides that sounding overtly perverted, if that’s actually true, shouldn’t he have gone higher than 27?

9:03: OK, I’m putting the lid on this diary. I’ve got to get to work on something about the Aldrich trade. Remember, OKC still picks at 51. An-dy Rau-tins! clap clap clapclapclap. But thanks for following along, if you did. And if you didn’t, you’re not reading this anyway, so forget you.