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Friday Bolts: Lottery Thoughts

Friday Bolts: Lottery Thoughts

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May 6, 2022

It had been months since I went to tankathon.com and hit that magical “Sim Lottery” button. And it is rather magical. Clicking the button transports you to a world of possibilities. Run the sim and see 6 and 12 pop-up?  Well, punch that button again and generate a different outcome.

Don’t like the next one? Click again. Click-click-click.


Thunder win the lottery and get the #2 pick.

It’s possible. It really could happen.

But this time, I’m going to act with integrity. I’m not going to cheat. I’m going to mash “Sim Lottery” and the outcome is OKC’s fate…

1. Detroit.  *WHAT*
2. New Orleans *HOW*
3. Indiana *ARE YOU KIDDING ME?*
4. San Antonio *UH, OK*

7. Oklahoma City.

Well, crap.


1. Oklahoma City.

Like I said. No cheating. The outcome is OKC’s fate.

The Bolts:

While OKC fans are testing the tankathon.com servers running simulation after simulation, the Thunder players aren’t fretting over the lottery.  Joe Mussatto characterized the players as “apathetic.”  “Unlike obsessive fans, players don’t waste their time running Tankathon simulations, hoping to see the Thunder logo appear next to Chet Holmgren’s name. ‘I don’t really care,’ Bazley said. ‘I’ll be happy for whoever gets drafted, but when I say I don’t care, it’s like, I don’t pay attention to that stuff.’”

Oklahoma City Thunder Films has released the trailer for its upcoming film, Seeds of Greenwood.

Luke Adams (Hoops Rumors) previews the Thunder’s offseason.  “Given how many draft picks the Thunder have stockpiled and how few games they’ve won since leaving the 2020 bubble, there will be some fans anxious to see them start pushing their chips into the middle of the table this summer. But Sam Presti, who has no concerns about his job security, won’t be rushed, and appears satisfied to spend at least one more year in the lottery, focused on player development, before he begins to put his foot a little further down on the gas pedal.”

Clemente Almanza profiles Tre Mann’s outlook after a strong rookie season.  “Mann took full advantage of this opportunity as his top seven highest scoring games came in the months of February and March. Despite a slow start, Mann was able to finish his season on a strong note.”