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Friday Bolts – 8.14.09

Friday Bolts – 8.14.09

Kevin Durant was name-dropped in an article: “Prince George’s County youth filled the floorboards and


their brains Saturday at the 18th annual Hoops for Peace Anti-Violence Youth Summit in Seat Pleasant. The event, held at the Seat Pleasant Activity Center, was a partnership between the Community Kinship Coalition Inc., a nonprofit centered on community outreach, and NBA player Kevin Durant, who frequented the center as a teenager. Today Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.”

The Hoop Doctors grade each team’s offseason: “The Thunder were downgraded due to their lack of a true starting PG, as Russell Westbrook is a beast but is better served at the off guard position. OKC’s star G/F Kevin Durant is a top five NBA player and is a lock for the 2012 Team USA roster and rookie James Harden is great guard prospect. This will be the last season the Thunder do not make the playoffs for a long time.”

Somebody help Nick Collison out here: “Is there anyone out there who saw GIJoe &liked it?nothing but bad reviews from my friends. I want to know because knowing is half the battle.”

Russell Westbrook and James Harden were scrimmaging against some big names this week: “Former Rocklin High basketball star Brendan Lane is learning quite a bit about being physical during his first summer at UCLA. The 6-foot-10 freshman recently found himself guarding San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman. Merriman, 6-4 and 265 pounds and very physical, is regarded as one of the top defensive players in the NFL … Two of Merriman’s teammates in that particular game were NFL wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson. Lane and his future UCLA freshmen teammates have also played against lots of NBA guys throughout the summer. Lane rattled off a list that included Ron Artest, Jalen Rose, Earl Watson, Kevin Love, Craig Smith, Russell Westbrook, Brandon Jennings and James Harden, among others.”

A very early NBA power ranking list: “17. Oklahoma City Thunder– This young team has finally got some playing experience. It’s time for them to start making a run for the playoffs. They added James Harden from Arizona State University, a high-powered offensive weapon, who could be a great counter weight for Kevin Durant. If the Thunder want to make the playoffs, Durant needs to average in the mid to high 20 points per game.”

The Cavs are possibly interested in Joe Smith: “Signing Leon Powe would bring the Cavs roster to 13 players and they are not done. Despite having six big men on the roster already, Powe’s injury and J.J. Hickson’s recovery from a back injury still may leave the team short. So, according to a league source, the Cavs are still considering signing Joe Smith or perhaps Rob Kurz.”

More from Vegas’s mascot conference thing: “Rumble the Bison, the Oklahoma City Thunder mascot, was using Twitter and other social media. Rumble apparently rambled. “Has a lot to share,” said Stuff, adding a snarky aside, “Waaayyyy over his time.”

Dime lists the NBA’s top 15 expiring contracts: “Etan Thomas ($7,350,000) – Thomas is a solid veteran who will be great for the Thunder this year, and should allow them to free up some money to invest in Durant long-term.”