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Documentary about the Sonics departure to premier Oct. 12

The film is called “Sonicsgate” and was made by Seattle-based filmmaker Jason Reid. The movie has an 80-minute runtime and is going to be released online only.

After watching the trailer it appears the film is going to be as non-partisan as it possibly can be and actually looks really interesting. I realize there’s still bad blood and bitterness about the situation, but regardless of emotions, there’s a history to how the Thunder came to be. And while we can try and ignore it all we want, it’s still there and we might as well embrace and understand it. You have to be careful because nobody wants to stir the pot and I as much as anyone want to move on away from it all, but this film will have a lot of information and it directly involves the team I now call my own.

For more on the film, check out www.sonicsgate.org.