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Friday Bolts – 12.23.16

Friday Bolts – 12.23.16

Zach Lowe of ESPN.com: “The post-KD Thunder are bereft of shooting, and defenses have


adjusted by packing the lane — and taking away all those alley-oops Adams got last year on the pick-and-roll. Adams has learned to get buckets the hard way — with hooks in the post, floaters, and two-dribble moves like this that freeze help defenders waiting to crash in from the weak side.”

Susan Bible of Basketball Insiders: “Grant’s defense, as well as his ability to play and guard multiple positions, attracted the Thunder. Reports have indicated that he’s been on their radar for some time. The team felt he would be a good addition to the team’s supporting cast and complement superstar Russell Westbrook well. Grant is soaking up what he can from the Thunder’s leader and, like the rest of us, is continually wowed by him.”

Fox Sports is wishing for a Russ triple-double: “The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard has already entered rarified air this season as just the sixth NBA player in history to earn 50 triple-doubles in his career. Let’s give the 28-year-old Brodie an extra helping of health so he could continue on with his bad self and average a triple-double for the season.”

Pop is only watching Harden.

Brett Dawson: “Beyond the 3-point shooting, there was a hard drive and finish for a 3-point play, part of Abrines’ 12-point fourth quarter and a play that teammate Enes Kanter said brought him to his feet flexing his biceps, his way of lauding Abrines for strong play. The physical part still will take time, but Abrines’ shooting stroke – and his confidence – indicate there could be more nights in store like Wednesday.”

I think Wes Johnson may have lost inbounding privileges.

Fred Katz: “The Thunder have been on the prowl for a secondary scoring option, especially as shooting guard Victor Oladipo rehabs his sprained right wrist. Oladipo ran the offense when Russell Westbrook was off the floor. And Kanter has reached a larger role in his absence. The Hawks and Pelicans have made it easier, too. Kanter is one of the NBA’s best low-post threats, but indiscriminate and gluttonous post scoring is mostly inefficient basketball. When a defense doubles, though, it can leave someone open. And kicking out of a double-team from the post can lead to efficient opportunities elsewhere. Kanter made a point to improve his passing out of double-teams this offseason. He quickly admits it was one of his weaknesses when he got into the league, a time when he’d receive the ball down low, put his head down and dribble until he was ready to shoot.”