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Welcome to Daily Thunder 2.0

Something’s different.

For the first time since Daily Thunder officially launched in January of 2009, it’s getting a makeover. Change is terrifying, I agree. But it was time.

First, I want to thank iThemes for the tremendous work done on the remodel. Incredible people to work with that are extremely smart, talented and super creative. Specifically Matt Danner, who has just been awesome in helping get this done. (iThemes also recently remade friends of DT, The Lost Ogle, and did a tremendous job of that too.)

So, what changes for you? Nothing really, except things are little better to look at and posts are easy to find. Nothing changes in commenting, nothing changes in the way the site works. The new little carousel thing at the top will highlight bigger picture pieces that have a little longer shelf life. Hopefully that keeps some stuff available longer as well as from getting buried under whatever else is getting posted. There’s also a scroll to top button on the left now, something my wife is a big fan of.

I also recently switched hosting services to Site 5, who has put a lot of power to support DT’s large traffic base. And with the design catered to it, the site should run much faster and smoother.

The framework of the site has completely changed and made it much easier to add features and other areas to make it better in the future. More changes and additional things are coming soon, things intended to make DT an even better one-stop shop for all things Thunder.

The idea was to give DT some more bells and whistles and a more modern feel, while still maintaining the simple, easy to navigate design of the previous site. I’m not a fan of crowded, busy sites that have a bunch of places for you to click and a mess of pictures and links all over it. Daily Thunder has a simple focus and there’s really no need to get overly carried away.

Thank you for your continued support of Daily Thunder and if you have any issues, questions, concerns or just want to rant about how you liked it better the other way, email me at dailythunder@gmail.com.

Hopefully you like it. I know I do.