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TGR 90: Russell Westbrook and Royal Jelly

In this week’s episode Brad is joined by “The Godfather,” Royce Young to discuss all things thunder including:

  • Minus the chair throwing incident how often does Russ argue with teammates?
  • Does Westbrook receive stronger criticism simply because of playing alongside Durant?
  • How would Russ have turned out had he have not been drafted by the Thunder compared to how Durant would have turned out had he been drafted by another organization?
  • MVP Talk: Who’s having the better year: Durant or Lebron?
  • Which piece is most likely to be moved by the trade deadline: Toronto pick, Dallas pick, Lamb, Martin, PJ3, or Maynor? The answer may surprise you.
  • Is Memphis still a legitimate threat to the Thunder, Spurs, and Clippers?

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