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Wednesday Bolts – 9.30.09

Wednesday Bolts – 9.30.09

Housekeeping note: There is now a mobile edition for Daily Thunder. I’m still making a few tweaks to it so if it changes or messes up, that’s why.


Barkley’s Mouth asks if Kevin Durant is a superstar… yet: “However, as much as his stats will be better, so will Durant’s maturity and intangibles as he goes through his third season around the league. Superstar? As much as I love his game and laid-back way about him, it’s still a bit premature to annoint him as such. Durant is a star, certainly, but until more people other than fantasy basketball geeks know about Durant’s game, which will be a tougher task because of the market he plays in, the “super” is too early to add. A trip to the All-Star game, and more importantly the NBA postseason, will go a long way in getting that “super” adjective before ‘star.'”

Mike Baldwin writes about the rave review coming in for James Harden: “Harden already has discovered the benefits of playing with Durant, Westbrook and Green. “In workouts I’ve been knocking down shots. But I’ve had a lot of open shots,” Harden said. “That’s something I’m not used to.”

For the big 2-1, Kevin Durant’s top 21 moments.

Susan Bible of HoopsWorld recaps media day: “According to Nick Collison: “Intangibles are what we have to get better at.” He is really impressed with Serge Ibaka, who appears to have had some good coaching. “For a young athlete, he really has a good feel for the game,” Collison said. He’s pleased with the addition of Kevin Ollie, who is someone who can provide good ball movement when the offense is stagnant. He believes new teammate Etan Thomas “does some more of the classic things a center does.”

Photos from the first day of training camp. As Darnell Mayberry pointed out, this one of Etan Thomas cramming on Nenad Krstic seems kind of cold to put up.

J.P. Wilson / OKC Thunder photos

J.P. Wilson / OKC Thunder photos

James Harden got poked in the eye yesterday during the first practice, but is fine and practicing again. Nick Collison didn’t practice because of a sprained ankle.

If you’re not watching Real Training Camp on NBA.com, you should be. Yesterday with George Karl was fantastic. Tomorrow the Lakers are up so if you want to see Phil Jackson instruct, be there.

Hey you! 28 days until the Thunder kicks off this season. And just seven days until you get to watch this team play on TV again.