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Wages of Wins on the Thunder

Wages of Wins on the Thunder

Happy father’s day to all.

In doing my usual perusal of the web for anything Thunder related or interesting about basketball in general I came across this little piece over at Wages of Wins-Dave Berri’s blog.

I usually read WOW whenever they have something new up, and lately Berri has been featuring guest writers on the blog who subscribe to the whole “Wins Produced” model  of player and team evaluation. You can take that for what it’s worth.  As far as I’m concerned Wins Produced and Win Score (Wins Produced’s little brother) are as good as any other

one number metric

out there for evaluation of performance, but I’m not convinced you can boil any player down to just “one number” and say “player A is better than player B because this metric scores him better”.  At least no “one number” metric yet has convinced me of such.

Anyway, today’s article over at WOW is about the Thunder and the rise from cellar dweller to 50 wins in just one season.  It is written by James Brocato who is listed as a passionate supporter of the Supersonics, yet I didn’t really sense any sour grapes or anything. But what did stand out to me is the complete absence of any reference to the improved team defense. In fact, the word defense is nowhere to be found in the entire article-I checked twice.

I haven’t posted anything in a while and I thought this might be a decent read for a quiet-no basketball Sunday, so enjoy a  fair article about the Thunder and discuss!