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Tuesday Bolts: 9.5.17

Tuesday Bolts: 9.5.17

Russell Westbrook’s fashion book hit shelves today: “For NBA superstar turned style icon Russell Westbrook, fashion is not just a spectator sport—it pushes boundaries, blurs lines, and drives culture. This book is a celebration of Westbrook’s style on and off the court, and the creative people he admires and works with… Westbrook, a reigning two-time NBA All-Star MVP, is not your average basketball superstar. Apart from his meteoric rise within the ranks of the NBA, Westbrook is a creative force prominently known and admired by the fashion industry and his fan base for his daring sartorial experimentation and love of all things fashion. Whether he is seen at the front row of a runway show during Milan Fashion Week, within the pages of Vogue, GQ, and the New York Times style section, or collaborating with Barneys New York or the Jordan brand, Westbrook has garnered the reputation of being the NBA’s real fashion insider.”

LeBron would reportedly “love” to team up with Russ: “Westbrook’s availability may be the most fleeting. Whispers around the NBA suggest James would love to team up with the explosive guard. How would teams defend two triple-double powerhouses like James and Westbrook? On most nights, they don’t… That said, when asked, various NBA executives believe Westbrook will eventually sign his deal with the Thunder.”

B/R on Westbrook, Paul George, others winning MVP next season: “If George is the impetus behind OKC becoming a true thorn in the side of the Rockets, Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, pushing them up into the realm of true contenders rather than mere postseason locks, he could get a bit of love from the voters… Paul George will be taking away touches and making it tougher for Westbrook to lead the league in scoring for a second consecutive season—and the third time in four years—but his presence will also elevate OKC up the Western Conference hierarchy. Wins help, and the floor general will receive plenty of credit if this new-look bunch goes from 47 victories in 2016-17 to pushing toward 60 in 2017-18.”

Ian Levy (Sporting News) on Paul George giving the Thunder a bit of everything: “George will essentially be replacing Oladipo’s minutes and may be cutting into Roberson’s playing time slightly as well. George is a far more dangerous outside shooter than either player and a much more productive off-the-dribble creator. One more point of reference — George’s scoring as the ball-handler in the pick-and-roll last season ranked in the 92nd percentile, Oladipo was in the 56th, Roberson was in the 2nd.”

Adam Fromal (B/R) picks Westbrook’s 2016-17 as the greatest season by a point guard in NBA history: “Scoring champion, MVP, All-Star, First Team All-NBA. Caveats are important here, because Russell Westbrook shouldn’t realistically blow everyone else out of the water. His last season, in which he became the second player to average a triple-double and won MVP, was historically impressive. But not to the point that it should lap the field.”

Kevin O’Connor on the idea of loyalty existing in the NBA: “Kevin Durant’s choice to leave the Thunder for the 73-win Warriors birthed the the My Next Chapter meme and a perception that he took the easy way out. Durant went on The Bill Simmons Podcast at the end of August, and had this to say: “Guys have been getting traded in their sleep for years. Guys have been getting the shitty end of the stick for years. I mean, some guys have been f*****g over organizations, too. It’s no loyalty. It’s business. There’s money involved.”

Paul George worked out with Dwyane Wade yesterday: “My lil bro @ygtrece came thru and worked out with the OG today. The off-season we all push each other to be even better. #NBA #brotherhood #myfavoriteplayerintheleaguerighthere”

Enes Kanter is giving back to Hurricane Harvey victims: