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Tuesday Bolts – 9.28.10

Tuesday Bolts – 9.28.10

John Hollinger forecasts the Thunder: “I’d also project Oklahoma City to fare a bit worse if it makes no changes to the roster. I improved the Thunder’s projection by a few games because they have so many possibilities to improve the roster in-season between young talent, cap space and future draft picks. In the big picture, however, I think this might be a challenging season for the Thunder. Expectations are exponentially higher, but it’s basically the same team as a season ago. For all their young talent, any improvement by the young guys is likely to be offset by a more normal injury pattern. Thus, while the Thunder’s future remains incredibly bright, I think they might need another season under their belt before ascending into the West’s elite.”

Darnell Mayberry’s observations of media day: “Aldrich is a breath of fresh air to the Thunder’s locker room. He likes to joke around, have fun and play pranks. The Thunder has a lot of guys like that but the problem is most of them turn off the switch in front of the cameras and microphones. On Monday, Aldrich borrowed a reporter’s video camera and began filming the tail end of Green’s session for ‘Sony HD TV.'”

According to the money, the NBA is rising fast.

Daequan Cook has a pretty sweet ride.

Jenni Carlson, writing about a tired, tired subject: “The decision to leave the Sonics’ brand behind in Seattle was important, too. Much of the animosity directed at other relocated franchises — the Colts, for example — stems from the fact that everything was taken. The nickname. The logo. The history. Losing a team is hard enough, but losing an identity pours salt in the wound. If the Thunder were still the Sonics, the scab would be picked every time they were mentioned. Instead, the wounds have had a chance to heal and the Thunder has had an opportunity to build its own identity. It’s an identity that people have come to love. Media pundits and basketball fans alike have taken to this team because of their star, their style and their substance. The franchise that folks loved to hate is now feeling the love.”

Joseph Geilfuss who was riding from Tulsa to OKC for Multiple Sclerosis support, raised over $100 from DT readers. Very generous of you swell people. Here are some pictures of his ride if you want to look.

A really cool look at some of the NBA’s best free throw shooters.

Bummer. KD’s game, NBA Elite 11, has been delayed because of such a negative response to the demo.