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Tuesday Bolts – 9.22.09

Tuesday Bolts – 9.22.09

Scott Brooks plans on getting defensive this training camp: “Training camp will provide Brooks a chance to


implement some changes he couldn’t make on the fly last season. During visits with players in their hometowns this summer, taking trips ranging from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles, Brooks stressed improving defensively is his No. 1 priority.”

Kevin Durant is giving himself some bulletin board material: “If people think Ima lead the league in scoring u must be high…u forgot @dwadeoffical , lebron, Kobe, Danny granger was still n da league?”

D.J. White and rookie James Harden will visit the Oklahoma State Fair on Senior day, Wednesday, Sept. 23. Harden will assist with cinnamon rolls and White will join fairgoers at the carnival games.

The Thunder could see a $3 million increase in revenue this season. Go buy yourself something nice Clay.

Yeah, but does your logo suck?: “At the dinner table the night before her first game (at which time the team would pick their name), we bandied about some options: the Lucky Ducks (my wife and I went to Oregon, if you weren’t aware), the Wildcats (we’re thinking of moving to Tucson), the Green Machine (her team has lime green unis), and others. Personally, I was rooting for the Lucky Ducks, and we even came up with an inspired idea for how the team could run around quacking after they scored a goal. Regardless, though, I was sure it would turn out well. I mean, come on, how bad could the team name be? How bad? How about … the Thunder? That’s right, me, the lead writer for a site devoted to loving the Sonics and hating the Thunder, so much so that I came up with a way to reference the team without even using that dreaded word … I have to spend every Sunday for the next five months watching my beloved daughter shout, “Go Thunder Go!” whenever she’s taking a break on the sidelines.”

A 2004 draft redux with Seattle ending up with the guy it wished Robert Swift would be.

A Q&A with Kyle Weaver: “Have you gained a quicker release on your jump shot? It’s more of a mental thing, just training yourself. The managers and guys here do a great job of running out at me and making sure that when I do catch the ball I’m ready to shoot at all times. The coaches have been working with me all summer and like I said the managers have, too. It’s just more mental. It’s just telling myself to catch the ball and shoot it quicker, because in the NBA it’s tough. When you get those open looks you’ve got to be able to get them off.”

Fox Sports ranks the top 10 small forward and KD is No. 3: “Kevin Durant over Paul Pierce? Yes. Remember, this isn’t based on past performance. It’s a projection for the 2009-10 season, and Durant — with his incredible progress in two pro seasons — is about to bust into the upper echelon of NBA stars. He erupted the second half of last season, scoring at least 31 points nine times in a 10-game stretch in February, then wowed the national team coaches with his play during Team USA camp. It’s tempting to put him No. 2 on this list, but let’s wait till he fills out his thin frame, improves as a defender and grows up a little bit. Remember, he won’t be able to buy a beer legally until the end of this month.”

Hey-O! Just 36 days until Oklahoma City tips the 2009-10 season. RISE TOGETHER OR SOME CRAP LIKE THAT.