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Tuesday Bolts – 8.3.10

Tuesday Bolts – 8.3.10

FIBA is silencing the vuvuzela at the World Championships. Bummer, because that could’ve given me something to tweet about at my other Twitter account.

Kemba Walker of the USA Select Team:  “I definitely learned a lot from Russell Westbrook on and off the  court. He would talk about the pace of the game or things I could do  defensively.  I’ve known Russell through a teammate of mine for a while  and we had some great conversations.”

Kyle Weaver signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv.

We’re working on new shirts for this season and let me tell you, they’re fantastic. One is already more favorite ever.

A review of the offseasons in the Northwest Division.

One Bleacher Report writer has some advice for Thunder fans: “The Blazers were anointed as the next big thing a few years ago. Now the Thunder are being hailed as one of the best teams in the league right now and for the future. As a Blazer fan, I can tell you to never assume anything. I feel like a pretty big idiot now for really believing that Portland could make a dynastic run (although I still think they can be serious contenders in the West if Oden can remain semi-healthy). I advise anybody drinking the Thunder flavored Kool-Aid to not make the same mistake as I did.”

Art Garcia of NBA.com looks at future free agent classes: “Russell Westbrook: Locking up the multi-talented point guard is the new No. 1 order of business for GM Sam Presti in OKC.

SI goes in depth on the top 25 free agents for 2011: “While the Thunder locked up Kevin Durant to an extension as soon as league rules allowed, they have not done the same with their other top-five pick from the 2007 draft, versatile forward Jeff Green. Oklahoma City also has a negotiation with electrifying point guard Russell Westbrook on the horizon. Paying Durant was a no-brainer, but GM Sam Presti and Co. will face more difficult decisions soon enough.”

Somehow, Russell Westbrook wasn’t named one of the top five penetrating point guards.

Dime looks at starters whose job might be on the line: “Nenad Krstic (Thunder) — Rookie Cole Aldrich will challenge Krstic, who averaged only 5.0 rebounds last season and shot just 40.5% from the field in the playoffs.”