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Tuesday Bolts: 8.22.17

Tuesday Bolts: 8.22.17

Michael McCann (SI) on Magic Johnson and the tampering charges: “If the NBA concludes that the Lakers and/or Johnson tampered, potential penalties would range from a warning, a fine that wouldn’t exceed $5 million, a suspension of Johnson for a definite or indefinite period, forfeiture of Lakers’ draft picks, transfer of Lakers’ draft picks to the Pacers or—and this is the big one—a prohibition placed on the Lakers from signing George for a definite or indefinite period.”

A tampering FAQ from Bobby Marks of ESPN: “Under NBA tampering rules, no player, coach or management person may entice or induce a player under contract with another team to play for his team.”

Lang Whitaker picks Andre Roberson as the second best on-ball defender in the NBA: “While Roberson is a below-average offensive player — he shot 24.7 percent from the 3-point line last season — the Thunder forward more than makes up for any offensive liabilities with his defensive prowess. An athletic 6-foot-7 swingman, Roberson is able to guard almost any position, from power forward to shooting guards, and should team with newly acquired Paul George to strengthen what an Oklahoma City defense that ranked 10th last season in defensive rating.”

Russell Westbrook’s fashion book will release next month: “Russell Westbrook: Style Divers is selling for $55 and will be available Sept. 5. According to the website of the book’s publisher Rizzoli, “This book is a collection of stylish and inspiring images and text that provide a rare glimpse into Westbrook’s world, revealing how he uses style as a psychological weapon on and off the court and how he has redefined the role of a contemporary athlete turned cultural figure.”

Erik Horne interviewed SI’s Lee Jenkins about Westbrook, the Thunder, and more: “I kinda got this job about the time the Thunder got to Oklahoma City. For me, it was new and it was fresh. They were good, and I felt like I could get on the ground floor of something. Similar with LeBron, too. He went to Miami around the time I got this job, too. I remember feeling like LeBron and the Thunder – those are going to be two entities I’m going to try to cover the best I can.”

Haley O’Shaugnessy (Ringer) on why the Clippers courting OKC exec Michael Winger shows they’re finally serious: “Not being able to let go ultimately kept the Clips in the same spot for years. In the entire Doc-operated era, Los Angeles failed to reach its unofficial goal of a first conference final, a feat Winger achieved six years into his tenure with OKC. Of course, the Thunder likely have regrets—something a bearded man in Houston can speak to—but at the very least, OKC’s front office has proved that sometimes taking a risk is the most viable option.”

Alex Abrines will be a 74 overall in NBA 2K18: