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Top 10 Thunder Dunks of the 2016-17 Season

Top 10 Thunder Dunks of the 2016-17 Season
Rocky Widner/NBAE, via Getty Images
Rocky Widner/NBAE, via Getty Images

With the Thunder’s season officially over, I’d like to begin looking at some of the top plays from the 2016-17 campaign. There is much to discuss in terms of moving forward, the draft, free agency, etc., but first let me look back in amazement at a season that was way more entertaining than I expected it to be.

Up first is the ‘Top 10 Thunder Dunks’ and there is a lot here to enjoy. Let’s dive in.

(10.) Enes Kanter Goes Baseline vs. Utah

I’ll admit — there were a lot of dunks that I could have picked over this one. But given the way Enes Kanter’s season ended, his murky future in OKC moving forward and all the discussion we’re going to have regarding Big Turkey, I decided to throw him a bone. Here he jukes Jeff Withey out of his shoes, drives baseline and hammers on the other side. I liked it enough to throw it in at number 10.

(9.) Jerami Grant Ruins Cole Aldrich

This was Jerami Grant’s third game in Oklahoma City and there he went embarrassing our old friend Cole Aldrich. Straight filth in transition — I can’t even imagine what BD and Cage had to say about it.

(8.) Westbrook Hammer at Golden State

In terms of the dunk itself, this was pretty tame from Russell Westbrook. But given the circumstances, the setting and a certain #35 that had a front row seat — I couldn’t deny this a place on the list.

(7.) Steven Adams Rides Hassan Whiteside

I love this dunk. That rim hang is so disrespectful.

(6.) Jerami Grant on Kevin Durant

This dunk moved me in a way I can’t really describe, folks. In a perfect world it would be number one on the list, but what happened afterward really kills the good vibes.

Jerami bams on KD, gets in his face, stares him down and all the while I’m just hyperventilating on my couch. Naturally this upset Mr. Durant, he caught fire, called Grant some choice words and torched OKC for 39 in a 26-point Warriors win. This may have been the moment he decided to rip our head off and throw it at our body, but at least we still have the replay.

(5.) Andre Roberson Baseline Over Brook Lopez

Simply an underrated dunk from the season. Dre goes baseline, extends that arm like Stretch Armstrong and jams it over the 7-footer. If Russ finishes that exact play, I assume we talk about the dunk more frequently.

(4.) Westbrook Posterizes Boogie

Poor Boogie showed up in NOLA and had this happen in just his third game in a Pelicans uniform. This came late in a 41-11-11 triple double for Westbrook, and gave Cousins his sixth foul of the game to boot. Brutal.

(3.) Jerami Grant Up-n-Under vs. Memphis

This was just one of those dunks you assume happens with no one within 10 feet of Jerami Grant. The fact he did this with Marc Gasol inches away is incredible. Dude has bounce.

(2.) Victor Oladipo on Dwight Howard

This is up for Dunk of the Year at the 2017 NBA Awards, but comes in at No. 2 on this list. Still — what an absolutely punishing dunk on Dwight Howard. The look on Steven Adams’ face after the play pretty much says it all.

(1.) Westbrook Lefty on Clint Capela

I mean….look at that work of art.

Oklahoma City was up 3 with 5.5 seconds remaining, and instead of waiting to get fouled, Russell Westbrook decided to try to end Clint Capela’s life. It was totally unnecessary, yet totally awesome, and was the best dunk of the Thunder’s 2016-17 season.