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Top 10 Thunder Blocks of the 2016-17 Season

Top 10 Thunder Blocks of the 2016-17 Season
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Yesterday we counted the Top 10 Thunder Dunks from the 2016-17 season, and today we’re diving into the Top 10 Blocks. No use talking about it, let’s go.

(10.) Russ Ruins KAT on Christmas Day

Karl Anthony Towns has 9 inches on Russell Westbrook, but that mattered not on Christmas day in OKC. Scary bounce.

(9.) Jerami Grant Punishes Jerebko


Unbelievably violent block by Jerami Grant. Gave it the spike treatment and bounced it off the referee like Meet The Parents.

(8.) Dre Blocks The King


(7.) Steven Adams Welcomes Back Dion Waiters

Dion comes back to the ‘Peake and is greeted to a Kiwi’s Welcome. Long live Waiters Island, but I enjoyed this one.

(6.) Russ Destroys Draymond Green

Enjoyable for obvious reasons.

(5.) Jerami Ends Andrew Wiggins in Transition

Jerami Grant has springs in his legs and his arms extend like Inspector Gadget.

(4.) Russ Chase Down on Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is welcome in OKC, but on this particular day he really wasn’t. Unreal athleticism by the Point Guard.

(3.) Westbrook Swats Alley-Oop + One Man Fast Break

Poor Clint Capela is all over the Westbrook 2016-17 highlight reel. Here the Brodie breaks up the oop and then just goes God Mode.

(2.) Dre Chase Down on Pat-Bev + Finger Wag


I once watched this highlight for 12 hours straight and not once did I blink or become bored.

(1.) Russ Floats for Block on KD


A bitter-sweet highlight, as we know how the game turned out. But hey — if you can’t enjoy Russell Westbrook jumping on July 4 and remaining airborne until this block on November 3, you have no business being here. This was my number one block of the season.