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Thursday Bolts – Undefeated Edition

Thursday Bolts – Undefeated Edition

As someone pointed out, the Thunder’s on pace for 82-0. Just sayin’.


Kevin Durant has launched an official site. Check it out – it’s got KD sightings, KD1 sightings and other stuff.

A must read: John Hollinger makes sense of the Thabo signing: “The Thunder extended Thabo Sefolosha for four years today, and I know what you’re thinking: Why now? Who was coming after this guy with big free agent bucks? Here’s the answer, and it has to do with cap management. Let’s start with the basics: The Thunder are set to have a trove of cap space next summer, around $15 million depending on the cap holds for their two first-round draft picks and where the final cap number comes in.”

A firm called Sysomos did an interesting Twitter research study, looking at the habits of NBA players. Kevin Durant is followed by the fourth most fellow NBA players and the Thunder’s the fifth most active team on Twitter. Kind of interesting.

Kevin Durant: Good win for us tonight @russwest44 was bummmmmpppppiiin 14, 13 dimes n 7 rebounds

Earl Watson had 20 points last night for the Pacers on 7-8 shooting. And Damien Wilkins had 12 points and 10 boards for Minny and also hit a game-winner for the Wolves.. What the eff you guys?

The AP recap of last night’s game.

Darnell Mayberry answered questions for The Oregonian previewing the season: “The biggest weakness again is the lack of a post presence. The Thunder could have a hard time defending the paint and scoring easy baskets in halfcourt sets. They’ve implemented a shell defense that is designed to protect the paint through helping and rotating. But so far opposing teams have exposed it with their perimeter shooting. The biggest strength has to be the players’ versatility. Westbrook, Harden, Durant, Green and Sefolosha are all capable of playing multiple positions and creating matchup problems with their physical gifts.”

Six former 66ers made NBA rosters this year: “The Tulsa 66ers announced today that six former 66ers players have made 2009-10 NBA season opening rosters. Three players on tonight’s opening night roster for the Oklahoma City Thunder roster saw playing time with the 66ers last season, as Kyle WeaverD.J. White … and Shaun Livingston. In addition, Ramon Sessions of the Minnesota Timberwolves played on assignment during the 2007-08 season, while Milwaukee Bucks forward Ersan Ilyasova and Orlando Magic forward Brandon Bass each played on assignment during the 2005-06 season.”

Kelly Dwyer behind the box score: “The Thunder were hot from the outset, Jeff Green (24 points on 13 shots, eight boards, three blocks) ran circles around whoever Sacramento had out there, Kevin Durant had 25 points and 11 rebounds (!), and Nenad Krstic looks stronger with every passing day. 20 points and seven boards. Great to see.”

Thabo’s agent, Guy Zucker, on the deal: “Clay Bennett (the Thunder owner) and Sam Presti (general manager) did an amazing job,” Zucker said. “It never was an issue of whether (Sefolosha) wanted to stay there. We couldn’t agree to terms. But they came up with an improved offer. They really stepped up.”

Highlights from last night’s game.