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Thursday Bolts – 8.20.09

Thursday Bolts – 8.20.09

HoopsWorld lists the top five small forwards and Kevin Durant comes in a little lower than I expected: “5. Kevin


Durant, Oklahoma City: The Portland Trail Blazers will never admit they should have selected Durant with the first overall pick back in 2007. But the way this kid put up numbers in his second year, it’s worth arguing someone missed the boat. The 2007-08 NBA Rookie of the Year, Durant averaged over 25 points per game last season and easily made his mark at all-star weekend in Phoenix by taking home the MVP trophy from the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam. It was that February that Durant blew up: for the month, he averaged 30 points per game, shot 54% from the field, 51% on 3-pointers and 88% from the line. Now many will debate Durant’s place on this list, likely arguing a number of honorable mentions should be here instead. But after seeing what the 6’10 small forward has done in two years, and knowing he’ll only get better with age and experience in Oklahoma City, Durant is worthy of a perfect pick.”

Honestly, probably the best news of the offseason – All 82 of the Thunder’s regular season games will be broadcast in HD: “The games will be available on either Fox Sports Oklahoma (Cox high-def channel 722) or Thunder TV/KSBI (Cox high-def channel 715). The Thunder will also play on national TV three times, including once on ESPN — Dec. 16 against Dallas. NBA TV will broadcast the Nov. 15 game against the Los Angeles Clippers and the Dec. 2 game against the Philadelphia 76ers.”

Gilbert Arenas has been playing at the Goodman League and it looks like a showdown is coming: “Still finalizing the details for the Kevin Durant vs. Gilbert Arenas game on Friday..not confirmed yet stay tuned!!!…”

Kevin Durant being silly with his brother in his hotel room (language slightly NSFW I believe). I’m sure Sam Presti and Scott Brooks are thrilled about him hurting himself. Come on KD, we got a season to play. Be careful, please.

You’ve probably heard, but Desmond Mason won’t be back next season. Sad face.

Bleacher Report lists the top 30 trios in the league: “22. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Jeff Green – Last season Kevin Durant gave us a glimpse into his future as an elite scorer. He absolutely tore it up after being moved to his natural position of small forward. He is already one of the NBA’s elite scorers and will just get better as he gains more experience. Durant is going to have to round out his game and become a better playmaker to take the next step though, but I fully expect him to do that. Russell Westbrook is coming off of an impressive rookie season. He showed his surreal athleticism and versatile skillset. With a full season under his belt and being more accustomed to the league, look for his defense to become a staple of his game … When Jeff Green was drafted he was predicted to be the Scottie Pippen to Kevin Durant’s Michael Jordan and Green has the skillset to become a poor man’s Pippen. He is a versatile forward with good playmaking instincts. With Durant missing some time last season he was able to showcase all of his talent and he looked good.”

I don’t know why, but this tweet from KD made me chuckle: “I seen a girl walk n da club wit a duffel bag for a purse…wtf she got in there?”

This is pretty cool – David Stern went in a barber shop in NYC and answered questions. And they weren’t fluff either.