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Thursday Bolts – 7.29.10

Thursday Bolts – 7.29.10


ay-to-day, I get a handful of emails asking questions about the Thunder, the NBA and sometimes a few off the wall things. So why not turn it into a DT mailbag of sorts? If you feel like sending something in, go for it. It’s dailythunder@gmail.com if you didn’t know.

The Thunder’s found Rich Cho’s replacement. Mike Winger, now formerly of the Cavs, will take on legal counsel and a cap management role with the Thunder.

A fan wore a LeBron Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians game. It didn’t end well.

KD is stopping by Capitol Hill today for some NBA Fit thing. I don’t really get the joke the post is making about it, but the info is there nonetheless.

DJ Steve Porter hits another home run with Press Hop 2:

Ian Thompson with five things we learned from the NBA last season: “Oklahoma City is the owners’ favorite model. While players want to play for teams that are willing to spend big in pursuit of a championship, most owners are envious of the disciplined Thunder, who have built a low-payroll roster of promising young players around third-year MVP candidate Kevin Durant. The Thunder have it all — cheap labor, upside and a team that figures to make the playoffs and eventually contend for championships. The players’ union will not appreciate this model.”

Chris Silva notes the three Thunder players (if they all make it) will participate in some wild atmospheres in Turkey: “While there’s no way of simulating what to expect from the crowds in Turkey or how the game will be officiated, each player was sent home with a FIBA regulation basketball, which is different from the leather NBA basketballs because they’re synthetic and slightly smaller in circumference. Colangelo urged them to use it as much as possible, especially at the free-throw line, where the team struggled during last week’s camp.”

For example, here’s one crowd in Turkey that caused a riot. This should be fun!