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Thursday Bolts: 7.27.17

Thursday Bolts: 7.27.17

The Thunder unveiled two of the four 2017-18 uniform options: “With an eye toward tradition entering into its 10th season, the Oklahoma City Thunder today shared the designs for two of its new uniforms for the 2017-18 season, as part of the partnership between the NBA and Nike. The Association and Icon editions feature a consistent look with the team’s previous home and road uniforms, but are built on innovation and technological research that have keyed into the needs of the athlete.”

Brett Dawson on why the new uniforms look like the old version: “They’ve been our traditional uniforms since day one, since 2008,” said Dan Mahoney, the Thunder’s vice president for broadcasting and corporate communications. “Heading into our 10th season, we would see no reason to have a massive overhaul of our look.”

Erik Horne explains why OKC won’t be wearing Supersonics throwbacks: “I believe Nike is doing that Classic throwback for other teams, but we’re not one of them,” the Thunder spokesperson said. Since moving from Seattle to Oklahoma City in 2008, the Thunder has never worn throwback jerseys of any kind. Even if the Thunder had the Classic-style uniform option, it’s unlikely it would use the opportunity to sport Sonics colors. The Thunder has generally distanced itself from Sonics history and has worked to create its own identity since arriving in Oklahoma City.”

Fred Katz on how the Thunder is still waiting on Russell Westbrook and Terrance Ferguson: “The reigning MVP has made the Thunder wait almost a month, already. And it could end up being longer — maybe forever, though the organization remains cautiously optimistic about the prospects of Westbrook signing for the long term before the start of the season. The reasons for the Thunder’s optimism along with the ones for Westbrook making the organization wait are still unclear. Yet, they’re consistent with the past.”

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert can’t let go of the Paul George-to-OKC deal: “Hours before the Oklahoma City Thunder pulled off a surprise trade to acquire Paul George from the Indiana Pacers on June 30, the Cleveland Cavaliers thought they had a done deal in place to nab the four-time All-Star. Nearly a month later, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert still doesn’t seem to be over it. “I will say that Indiana could’ve done better than it did,” Gilbert said Wednesday, when asked about the failed trade during new Cavs general manager Koby Altman’s introductory news conference.”

Horne & Dawson on why OKC is a long shot to land Carmelo Anthony: “The door isn’t closed on Anthony to Oklahoma City, but Houston’s chances of landing the 10-time All-Star forward are still the best. Anthony has a no-trade clause, so he can ultimately decide where he ends up should the Knicks want to make a trade.”

Jason Concepcion on how Kyrie Irving is pulling a reverse KD: “Kyrie’s trade demand is taking the hard way out. Yes, like KD last summer, Irving is demonstrating his agency and leveraging himself to create the outcome of his own choosing. But unlike Durant, Irving wants to make it harder on himself. He wants to succeed or fail on his terms. It’s probably foolish. But I love it.”

Tim MacMahon & Bobby Marks on the ramifications of 2016’s free agency period: “A year later, as the league’s market corrects itself from the wild spending enabled by a historic salary-cap spike and adjusts to next season’s cap and luxury tax coming in well under original projections, the stacks of cash aren’t nearly as thick and windows aren’t open so wide, if at all.”

Steven Adams is having a golf tournament: