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Thursday Bolts – 6.23.16

Justin Page of ESPN.com: “If Durant opts to sign a maximum contract in terms of years

and dollars this summer, he’ll have two simple options: re-sign with the Thunder for five years and a projected $153 million or sign with another team for four years and a projected $114 million. A five-year max contract with the Thunder would entail annual projected salaries of $26.6 million, $28.6 million, $30.6 million, $32.6 million and $34.6 million. A four-year max contract with some other team would entail annual projected salaries of $26.6 million, $27.8 million, $29.0 million and $30.2 million.”

Dwain Price of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram with an lol: “Swallow the ego and the pride and go get the job done. Sure, James is from nearby Akron, and that played a role in him wanting to go back to Cleveland and tidy up a few things. But with so much loot on the line, common sense always prevails. Some of this applies to Durant. If Durant considers the Mavs as having a serious chance at winning a championship in the near future with his help, that venom he directed at Cuban shouldn’t even matter. After all, the NBA is business. Big-time business.”

Chad Ford’s latest mock.

Berry Tramel: “Legacy matters to Durant. I think we can all agree on that. Personally, I think that means Durant will commit to bringing a title to Oklahoma City. That would be the ultimate legacy. Win a championship with the franchise that he helped build from the pouring of the foundation. But even if Durant, for whatever reason, chose to leave OKC, jumping aboard the bandwagon of a two-time champion, a 73-win team, would have done nothing for Durant’s legacy. Now, at least, Golden State can recruit Durant with hat in hand. Help us get back, the Warriors can say.”

Wow, so Derrick Rose, huh?

Erik Horne on Anthony Morrow: “Like Dion Waiters, Morrow has found a home in Oklahoma City. The two shooting guards have forged strong friendships with Durant. Their lockers – along with Russell Westbrook’s – are just a few feet apart in a corner of the Thunder’s locker room. Next to Morrow’s is Serge Ibaka’s, fitting since those five players made up the most efficient Thunder lineup of the season. Andre Roberson replaced Morrow as the third guard in the Thunder’s killer postseason small-ball lineup, but among OKC’s lineups that logged 30 or more minutes this season, the Westbrook-Waiters-Morrow-Durant-Ibaka quintet had a team-best net rating of 40.5 in the regular season.”
Russ and KD are nominated for ESPYs.

Anthony Slater: “So the second round remains the most likely place the Thunder can jump into the fray. Those picks — particularly from about the 40 to 60 range — can be bought from the right team for the right price. Does a guy like Gary Payton II, if he’s still there, intrigue the Thunder as a potential third point guard? Would a Wayne Selden type be worth a shot as a developmental piece on the wing? Or, as is more likely with OKC, is there a guy a bit off the radar that Presti’s crew has identified as a worthy project?”