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Thursday Bolts – 3.27.14

Thursday Bolts – 3.27.14



erry Tramel on bringing Westbrook back in overtime: “Why bust the time limit when it’s a seven-point game with two minutes left? Why play Westbrook when another huge comeback is needed? I didn’t understand. If the minutes restriction is flexible, then use Westbrook’s extra time to either gain an overtime edge or to keep it close when the verdict starts slipping away. Don’t use it when the game is already slipped. To me, this game showed that once the playoffs start, the minutes restriction will be gone from Westbrook. He’s never been one of those guys who plays 45 minutes a game. Brooks always sits Westbrook more than Durant is rested. Westbrook usually plays in the 38-minute range. I can see that returning for the playoffs. Especially after this Dallas game, when the minutes restrictions were shown to be a suggestion, not a law.”

Anthony Slater breaks down OKC’s five potential playoff opponents: “The Thunder would be favored in this series. And OKC would likely win it. But five, six or even seven grueling games against Memphis’ bruising frontline and hounding perimeter defense would take a physical toll. And that might be a problem with three series still to go. Plus, the Grizzlies are the most battle-tested of this bunch, with fresh memories of knocking the Thunder out last season.”

Former player/executive to Chris Broussard about advanced stats: “Jobs and money! Analytic guys have taken advantage of a trend that they created and now own the narrative, and their story is resonating with the public, who like many of them only observe the sport. Therefore they lack the education and sophistication to critique the sport. There is safety in numbers, and the analytic guys are sophisticated enough to speak to their audience, which is larger than the highly basketball-educated audience for the Ph.D. ‘thinker.'”

Derek Fisher’s teammates think he’s a future coach.

The big questions heading to the postseason.

Jeff Caplan of NBA.com has KD and Westbrook as his top duo: “Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. I know Westbrook’s been in and out of the lineup and might be a knee bump away from potentially being shelved again, but together this tandem of 25-year-olds is a two-way terror like none other. Durant is the best player in the game right now, simply unguardable. Put the strength and speed of Westbrook, practically unguardable in his own right, next to KD and say goodnight.”