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Thursday Bolts: 11.14.19

Thursday Bolts: 11.14.19

Stefan Bondy (NY Daily News) reports that the Knicks have their eye on Sam Presti for a potential front office overhaul. Most Thunder fans are guffawing, but I wouldn’t underestimate the bag and control James Dolan has shown himself willing to toss at an executive he trusts.

You may not have known that he was gone, but Justin Patton is back with the big club:

Terrance Ferguson’s off-court concerns have involved custody of his daughter, per Joe Mussatto and Maddie Lee (The Oklahoman).

Darius Bazley adds another notch to his case for Fresh Prince of OKC at okcthunder.com: “All American” is back on, but I’m an old-school-kind-of-guy, so at night I watch “Martin,” “Living Single.” I have all seasons of “Martin,” “Fresh Prince,” “The Cosby Show”; “Different Strokes” is on Hulu with Mr. Drummond. That’s the type of stuff I like. I watch “SpongeBob” here and there.”

While everyone was hyperventilating about Chris Paul’s ice-induced feelings about being hauled off from Houston, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was clowning him:

Without naming him, Tom Ziller (SB Nation) makes the case for the Blazers shelling out whatever Sam Presti wants for Danilo Gallinari in his piece about Portland’s waste of Damian Lillard’s brilliant season: “The Blazers brought a bit of this on themselves by losing Al-Farouq Aminu, a flexible power forward, and Moe Harkless, a legit smallball option up front, this summer, replacing them with Whiteside, Rodney Hood, and low-minutes roleplayers like Anthony Tolliver and Mario Hezonja. (At least those guys should be low-minutes roleplayers.) Kent Bazemore replaced Evan Turner; this changes practically nothing.”

Jeff Zucker is here to make this load management debate more flames.

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