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Thursday Bolts: 05.14.20

Thursday Bolts: 05.14.20

Are the Knicks a good trade partner if the Thunder opt to move Chris Paul?

Throwback to Alex Roig’s piece for Daily Thunder arguing in the affirmative.

The ESPN basketball conglomerate snubs Russell Westbrook (again) from the “underrated” discussion about their top-74 all-time rankings.

Erik Horne (Athletic) got thoughts from Steve Nash and Chauncey Billups on Chris Paul’s stellar play into his mid-30s. “He’s talented. He’s diligent. He’s worked extremely hard at his craft,” Nash told The Athletic. “Now he has experience as well. It looks to me that he’s still sharp physically. You can say he wasn’t what he was physically, but to me he’s close enough. He still gets where he wants to go. He’s still tough to cover one-on-one, in transition. In all those situations, he can rely on his skill level.”

We might find out within 2-4 weeks what the league’s plans for resuming the season are (or are not), per Shams Charania (Athletic):

? Enes Kanter relived the Thunder’s 2016 Conference Finals loss to the Warriors, telling Charania that every player was crying after Game 7, and he still believes they would’ve won the championship had Kevin Durant returned the following season:

Andrew Lopez (ESPN) provides the justification for Chris Paul’s no. 40 all-time ranking by the worldwide leader.

To commemorate our isolated times, the NBA announced a switch from Spalding to Wilson as its official ball in 2021. Reporting from Jeff Zillgitt (USA Today).

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