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Thunder lose to the Pacers in overtime, 115-111

Let’s get one thing clear before we begin here. If you showed me a picture of the Thunder’s entire team, I would not be able to name the whole squad. And okay fine, since we’re in the spirit of confessing things, I’d also like to mention that this is my first game to watch in its entirety. I was invited to a Gilmore Girls watch party and, not one to ever miss a party, I had to watch all seven seasons. Honestly, I’m giving up valuable watching time tonight to write this so consider yourselves a high priority. So, keep those two things in mind when you read this piece of amazing literature.

Well the Thunder sure did start out hot, right? Wrong. Geez guys, hold on to the ball. Is this a game the Thunder should win? Need to win? I don’t know but Royce is always talking about that so I feel like I should know? Anyway, I was doing bedtime with Harrison during the whole first quarter so I kinda sped through it but our old friend Michael Kimball tweeted me the trash emoji so that can’t mean it was good.

Royce may or may not have called during the second quarter and so I may or may not have ended up not really totally watching it either. But Jon Hamm tweeted me a gif of Larry David basically saying “meh.” I’m thinking things are on an upward trend?

The third and the fourth quarter happened. You’ve been here before. They’re down X amount of points and then they cut the lead to like, 5 and all the sudden you’re thinking, “They could win this one.” So you get up to get a drink and when you come back they’re down 12. So then you’re thinking, “Maybe I could get half an episode of GG in.” Hmm… but wait! They’re only down 1 now! With 30 seconds to go! They’re gonna win! And then Russell Westbrook with a huge three! And you’re like, “I love the exclamation point!” And then…

OVERTIME. Russ is gonna lose his mind. Well he didn’t. But he did get another triple-double, his fifth of the season and that really is pretty incredible. Let’s move on to the notes.


  • I can’t believe Lorelei isn’t with Luke right now. It’s seriously heartbreaking and I don’t … wait, Thunder game. Right. Moving on.
  • The Thunder have officially retired their navy alternates. Not mad about it.
  • The last time they wore them was Game 1 of the Western Conference semis. Harrison and I were in San Antonio for that one. He cheered the loudest for Tim Duncan. I didn’t stop him.
  • There were two Twitter polls by members of the media on the alternate uniforms. TWO. Seriously. Buuuuuuut I guess at this point there have now been three notes about them so whatever, okay?
  • The Thunder have a guy with the number 77. Did he pick that or was it the last one available?
  • Okay I pulled up the roster. Number 77’s name is Joffrey Lauvergne. You’re welcome.
  • I really like Domantas Sabonis (number 3, y’all). He looks like he’s trying really hard.
  • Did I just see Al Jefferson throw a toddler tantrum under the basket? Honestly I’m not even bothered by it because sometimes it works.
  • I need someone to explain Anthony Morrow’s role on this team to me. I know, I know, defense, bad, blah blah blah but I need more than that. Hit me up @keri_young.
  • At one point, Andre Roberson wide open for three and I actually said, out loud, “Shoot it!” He did. He missed. I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But hey, defense!
  • You guys I don’t even love Gilmore Girls all that much. They talk a lot. Like, a lot a lot.
  • Jerami Grant (number 9!) has nice eyes. I’m just sayin’.
  • Finally, Royce’s shift key is broken and it is incredibly annoying. If I started a Go Fund Me page do you think he would finally get it fixed? Let me know.