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Thunder Journal: End of Season Twitter Mailbag

Thunder Journal: End of Season Twitter Mailbag

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It’s time to open up my Twitter mailbag and answer some of my favorite questions from Thunder fans over the past week!

Was that Poku’s best game as a pro??

Yep. Aleksej’s 17 point, 10 rebound, 12 assists, 1 block and 1 steal proved that OKC is truly the triple double capitol of the world. Point Poku outplayed the Point God in the most bizarre head-to-head matchup of all time. Poku even pulled Paul’s rip move on the man himself. RIP. The only other game that rivals this must-lose-but-Poku-won-it masterpiece is Poku’s career high 29 point game vs the Clippers in last year’s must-lose-but-Poku-won-it season finale. His timing for season-best games is impeccable…ly bad.

Can the Thunder list everyone as out and just send whoever’s left on the Blue?

Sam Presti thought he already did! For the last several games, OKC has only activated players whom had played in the G League this season. But somehow the OKC Blue have won three of their last six games. So Sammy has dug deeper in anticipation of tonight’s tank tussle with the Blazers by signing Blue players Georgios Kalaitzakis and Zavier Simpson to 10 day hardship deals. I say put those fresh legs right in the starting lineup.

Isn’t Poku already Chet?

Are you telling me that the Bulls wouldn’t have wanted two Michael Jordans?

What happens if teams in the lottery have the same record? Is there a tiebreaker?

Just like last season when OKC and Cleveland tied for the #4 spot, the lottery odds for the Top 4 picks will be split and a coin flip will decide which team has the higher pre-lottery position. The position comes into play if both teams aren’t lottery selected and determines how far a team can slide down.

If we take Sharpe, what would be your starting lineup?

As much as I’d like to play fantasy GM and find a way to complete a new starting lineup by drafting Shaedon Sharpe and trading up for Jalen Duren, I’ll fill out the rotation with only players currently on the Thunder.

My new starting lineup: SGA-Dort-Sharpe-Giddey-Roby

My new bench: Mann-Kenrich-Poku-Bazley-Muscala

Can we just get a freaking L please?? Sheesh.

They’re trying, Jennifer.

If OKC wasn’t actively trying to tank this year, what seed do you think they’d be at right now?

If the Thunder weren’t actively trying to tank and there were no season-long injuries, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say OKC would hilariously have more wins than the Lakers and may have an edge on the Spurs for the #10 seed and a play-in spot. Which sounds absolutely horrible.

If OKC lands outside the Top 4 in draft, do you think they trade up to be in the top 4?

Call me cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam Presti’s rating on Shaedon Sharpe is neck and neck with this draft’s “Big 4.” OKC has made a concerted effort in being the best at scouting high school players, so if the “#1 prospect in his class” stuff is legitimate, Presti may keep his assets to himself and draft Sharpe. That said, it’s always difficult to trade into the top four of a draft. But if OKC loves Chet, Jabari or Paolo, and if their pick is only a couple spots lowers at 5 or 6, then this is a draft where a trade up is definitely more possible than usual.

If the Clippers lose both games in the play in would their pick fall to the lottery? Or is it all based off regular season record?

Yes. Despite the Clippers clinching the #8 seed pre-play-in, two lottery draft picks are still in play for OKC. If LAC loses to the Timberwolves and then to either the Pelicans or Spurs (sorry, Russ), that pick is actually likely to fall to #12. That’s another 7% chance for a top 4 pick. And maybe more importantly, puts OKC in range for a guy like Jalen Duren, Bennedict Mathurin or Tari Eason.

Who the H is Oliver Sars?

Lol. Someone who really doesn’t want Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero or Jabari Smith Jr encroaching on his two-way minutes next season.