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Thanksgiving Bolts: 11.23.17

Thanksgiving Bolts: 11.23.17

Nick Gallo recaps the Thunder’s triumph over the Warriors: “Russell Westbrook was blowing past defenders and getting all the way to the rim, Paul George was getting his hand on every attempted pass, Carmelo Anthony was stepping into catch-and-shoot threes and Steven Adams was doing all the dirty work. All was right in Thunderland once again. Unlike in recent weeks, it wasn’t a quick start for the Thunder, but something much, much more important than that happened. Head Coach Billy Donovan received the longest sustained level of execution, intensity, focus and discipline on Wednesday night in the Thunder’s 108-91 pre-Thanksgiving thumping of the Golden State Warriors, the NBA’s defending champions.”

Royce Young on Russell Westbrook savoring a win against Golden State: “The Thunder have a lot of games left this season, and one win over the Warriors in November doesn’t mean much, particularly if they turn around and lose Friday. But there was a clear attitude adjustment. Westbrook was intent on forcing it, maybe because of a personal vendetta or maybe because he sensed that his team needed it on another level. The Warriors are the team against which the Thunder want to measure themselves, and if they want a standard to shoot for on a nightly basis, they set it on Wednesday.”

Marc Spears (ESPN) spoke with Paul George after the game: “We don’t want to get too hyped off of this. It was a great win. A great opportunity to play against the best team. We have a lot more work cut out for us. Now it’s about building. We can talk about how good we’re doing and how good we’re feeling once we are [win] streaking.”

Mark Medina (Mercury News) on the Warriors meltdown in OKC: “The boos still filled Kevin Durant’s eardrums during lineup introductions and anytime he touched the ball. During the rare moments that they talked, Durant and Russell Westbrook talked trash and even butted heads. More than a year has passed since Durant left the Thunder for the Warriors so he could eventually win the 2017 NBA title. The hostility has still remained. And unfortunately for the Warriors in his second appearance here against his former team, Durant did not have enough to silence the fans that once cheered for him.”

Kurt Helin (NBC) on Angry Russ sparking the Thunder we’ve been waiting on: “Don’t make Russell Westbrook angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Unless you’re a Thunder fan, then you’ll love him. Westbrook came out with an edge we haven’t seen from him this season as he has tried to play nice and integrate Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Not Wednesday night. Wednesday night Kevin Durant and his Warriors came to town, and Westbrook was not taking it from anyone.”

Alysha Tsuji (For the Win) recaps the Westbrook/Durant animosity: “First, Durant and Westbrook appeared to exchange some words during the second quarter of OKC and Golden State’s first meeting of this season. After Westbrook forced a turnover, he was shown on the broadcast saying something as Durant walked away and laughed. Per reporters at the game, the Thunder guard made KD laugh by shouting or shaking his head “No” at the crowd. And then this in the third quarter that featured the two going head-to-head in an intense moment. Double technicals were called on them.”

KD spoke about getting chippy with Westbrook: “Man, that’s just ball. That’s just ball to me. He’s competitive, I’m competitive. We like to go at it. Both of us. That’s just part of the game, so I respect it. I got nothing but love for him. I’m expecting it again when we play them again. All fun and games to me.”

Enes Kanter remains the greatest:

And one more because today is about being thankful…

K. Querry (KFOR) on the Thunder surprising the youngest Las Vegas shooting survivor: “In addition to being a hero, Campbell is also a big fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Paul George. As a surprise, the team sent Campbell a swag bag filled with sneakers, gear and memorabilia signed by all the members of the Thunder. Paul George also recorded a special message for Campbell. “Hey Nick, it’s PG. I know you’ve been through a lot recently, but there are brighter days ahead of you. You’re a shining example of resiliency in the face of terror and I’m honored that you’re a fan of mine. But honestly, I’m an even bigger fan of you.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and God bless,” George said.”

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Enjoy it.