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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Russell and Flow

Good Saturday. Thank you for your support of Daily Thunder. 160 days.

That Russell Westbrook, he’s pretty good. Here are his top 10 plays of the 2012-13 season. My five favorite things about them:

1. That strut after the dunk against Charlotte.

2. Him leaving Ibaka hanging on a high-five and instead choosing to flex after the dunk against the Warriors.

3. The dunk against Dallas in general, because he goes with one hand, gathers it, and then crushes the rim.

4. On the behind-the-back-crossover play against the Mavs, the person that goes “WOOOOOOOO!” right as he starts making the move.

5. The look after the long snap to Martin for a dunk. Russ is like, “Yeah, I know.”