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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Remember when…

(Morning Thunder people. Thank you for your support of Daily Thunder. Training camp really isn’t that far away when you think about it.)

With Nenad Krstic’s participation in a fight recently, basketbrawls are on the mind. So let’s roll the tape of the greatest, craziest ever. I forgot how wild the Malice at the Palace was. There wasn’t a chair thrown, but when Stephen Jackson comes flying into the screen fists flying, that’s insane stuff. The thing about Krstic’s fight that I’m not sure people realize and I think the reason he tossed the chair was because the opposite of what happened in Detroit was happening in Greece. Krstic had the entire Greek team cornering him and then some fans came out of the stands toward him. I think he panicked. Doesn’t excuse it, but I think he was feeling really threatened. But as far as the Artest brawl, nothing tops it. Not even a chair toss.